Задания І (школьного ) тура олимпиады по английскому языку в 9 классе 2007-2008 учебный год

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Задания І (школьного ) тура олимпиады по английскому языку в

9 классе 2007-2008 учебный год

Lexical- Grammar Test
1. Choose the right tense form.

When he (see) his wife off at the station, he (return) home as he (not have) to be at the airport till 9.30. He (not have) to pack, for his wife already (do) that for him and in case (be) ready in the hall. He (not have) to check the doors and windows either, for his wife always (do) that before she (leave) the house. All he (have) to do (be) to decide whether or not to take his overcoat with him. In the end he (decide) not to. At 8.30 he (pick) up his case, (go) out of the house and (.slam) the door behind him. Then he (feel) in his pockets for the key. for his wife (remind) him to double-lock the front door. When he (search) all his pockets and (find) no key he (remember) where it (be). He (leave) it in his overcoat pocket. Then he (remember) something else, his passport and tickets (be) in his coat pocket as well.

2. Insert the articles where necessary.

"Now we' re going beyond . . . Boundary Street into . . . heart of ... northwest section where . . . large mansions arc located." We soon reached ... area and I was pleasantly surprised to find that here ... streets were hard-surfaced with some smooth, black composition over which . . . coach rode without . . . bump, and . . . hooves of ... horses made ... pleasant clicking sounds as they trotted. I saw ... street-cleaning machine too, - ,.. first I'd ever seen. It had ... huge brush that rotated and gathered up ... litter.

3. Put the words in the correct order,


1 . nerver /one/anything/he /of/who/satisfied/people/is/those/with/are.

  1. difficult / used /at/you/was/ get /working / to /night /for/ it /to?

  2. by/waiting/the/seen/at/some / bus-stop /accident /was /people /the

5. Make the correct derivative according to the sense.

  1. My first of him was favourable. to impress

  2. Write the words in the _ order. alphabet

  3. It's quite for you to feel proud. nature

6. Choose the correct variant

1 I want to (bring, take) flowers to the sick friend,

  1. Will you (borrow, lend) me your notes from yesterday's lecture?

  2. 1 have (fewer, less) problems than some teenagers.

  3. Which is (harder.hardest), biology or chemistry?

  4. There hasn't been (any, no) rain all week.

  5. The child would not (agree to, agree with) wearing the costume.

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