Your task: Create a concept map

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Your task:

Step One:

  • Place the title “Causes of the French Revolution” in the center of your page

  • Choose the Top 4 Causes of the French Revolution

  • For each of the 4 causes AT LEAST 3 details that explain it more fully

***After each point put a N for notes, V for video, or T for textbook so I know your source for each of your detailed pieces of information
Keys to success:

  • Present your ideas neatly and orderly

  • Brainstorm your ideas on a scrap sheet of paper before you begin your good copy

  • Consider all the causes of the French Revolution before you decide on your top 4

  • Whenever possible, include more than three details for each of your causes

  • Cause 1

    • Detailed information – T

    • Detailed information – V

    • Detailed information - N

Causes of the French Revolution

Step Two:

“In your opinion, which of the causes of the French Revolution was the most significant? What makes the cause you chose more significant than some of the other causes? Support your answer with specific details”

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