Your disability should not prevent you from traveling. Visit Vienna!

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Dear guest,

Your disability should not prevent you from traveling. Visit Vienna! – Even if the Gothic master builders and Baroque castle owners had not thought of wheelchair users. And if even today, barrier-free construction still occasionally falls victim to architectural gimmicks or a lack of consideration.

For some time now, the Vienna City Administration has made efforts to provide services for people with disabilities and special needs: from sloped sidewalks to guiding strips for the blind in subway stations. But there is still a lot to do: at private companies as well as historic attractions, where landmark protection makes technical changes difficult.

More information, less frustration. That is our guiding principle when it comes to guests with disabilities and special needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any information that you require. There is one thing you can count on: Whenever obstacles need to be overcome, the friendly Viennese locals will be glad to lend a hand.

The information in these guidelines is well-researched and up to date, but unfortunately it can also change without our knowledge. We would be very grateful if you would let us know about any errors that you may notice and we will make the website changes immediately.

Visit Vienna! – Now or never.

Your Vienna Tourist Board Team

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With the Vienna Card you can use the subway, bus or tramway for 48 or 72 hours to explore the city and get discounts to numerous attractions. Many of these sights already provide discounts to visitors with a valid disability card and are unable to offer additional price reductions in such cases. For that reason the Vienna Card is especially ideal for accompanying persons. The Vienna Card Coupon Book will give you information on where it is accepted.

You can buy the Vienna Card for 21.90 or 24.90 euros at your Viennese hotel, at the Tourist Information Center (1st District, Albertinaplatz, daily 9:00 to 19:00), at sales and information booths of the Wiener Linien or by phone with your credit card at tel. + 43-1-798 44 00-148.

Publisher: Vienna Tourist Board, A-1030 Vienna.

Version dated: December 2015 All information provided without guarantee.

Vienna's Sightseeing Attractions

There are more than 100 major museums and sights in Vienna. Many of them are housed in historical buildings. For this reason, barrier-free access cannot always be guaranteed. Nevertheless, in most cases, ways have been found to make Vienna's main sights accessible for guests with disabilities and special needs. We suggest that you read the following descriptions and, with this information in mind, decide whether it would be advisable to bring an escort.

Academy of Fine Arts, Picture Gallery (Vienna Card discount)

1st district, Schillerplatz 3, second floor, Tel. +43 1 588 16-2222, Tue–Sun & public holidays 10 am–6 pm, January 1, December 24 and 25: closed

Handrail for the visually impaired on the outside steps to the main entrance at Schillerplatz 3. Access to elevator in the corridor on the right.

Access for visitors with disabilities and special needs on Makartgasse 2, intercom system for porter (Tel. +43 1 588 16–1818) level access to the elevator in the entrance on the left. Intercom to attendant (Tel.: +43 1 588 16-1818). Wheelchair-accessible restroom available. Seeing-eye dogs permitted, wheelchair rental available, reduced admission for persons with disabilities including escort. (only in German)

Albertina (Vienna Card discount)

1st district, Albertinaplatz 1, Tel. +43 1 534 83, daily 10 am–6 pm, Wed 10 am–9 pm

Main entrance: no steps, door width: 190 cm, double swinging door. Access to all exhibition rooms, to the restaurant / café and to the Shop: no steps. All rooms are wheelchair-accessible. Wheelchair-accessible restroom on 1st and 3r floor. Elevator: door width: 110 cm, cabin depth: 130 cm, cabin width: 220 cm. Seeing-eye dogs permitted. Wheelchair rental (prior arrangement necessary: Tel. +43 1 534 83–540). Guided tours in sign language available (prior arrangement necessary: Tel. +43 1 534 83–540), reduced admission for persons with disabilities.

Anker Clock (Ankeruhr)

1st district, Hoher Markt 10/11

Daily at noon: a parade of figures with music. Christmas carols during Advent: daily at 5 pm and 6 pm. Can only be viewed from outside.

Architecture Center Vienna (Az W) see MuseumsQuartier

Augarten Porcelain Manufactory and Porcelain Museum (Vienna Card discount)

2nd district, Schloss Augarten, Obere Augartenstrasse 1, Tel. +43 1 211 24-0, museum & shop: Mon–Sat 10 am–6 pm, the manufactory may only be visited on guided tours

Main entrance: no steps, double swinging door, wheelchair-accessible restroom, elevator: door width 120 cm, cabin depth: 180 cm, cabin width: 150 cm, seeing-eye dogs permitted.

Augustinerkirche see Hofburg

Ludwig van Beethoven see Musicians’ Homes

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