Young Ostrael of Runchester stood shivering on the curtain wall and reflected on what his

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i—most names take emphasis on second to last syllable; Ben-i-GAR-is. When this syllable has an i, it is sounded long (Ardrivis: Ar-DRY-vis) unless it comes before a double consonant (Antippa: An-TIHP-pa)

e—at end of name, es is sounded long: Gelles—Get-leez

y—is pronounced as a long i. as in "mild"
Troll-language is considerably different than the other human languages. There are three hard "k" sounds, signified by: c, q, and k. The only difference intelligible to most non-Qanuc is a slight clucking sound on the q, but it is not to be encouraged in beginners. For our purposes, all three will sound with the k of "keep." Also, the Qanuc u is pronounced uh, as in "bug." Other interpretations are up to the reader, but he or she will not go far wrong pronouncing phonetically.
Even more than the language of Yiqanuc, the language of the Zida'ya is virtually unpronounceable by untrained tongues, and so is easiest rendered phonetically, since the chance of any of us being judged by experts is slight (but not nonexistent, as Binabik learned). These rules may be applied, however.
i—when the first vowel, pronounced ih, as in "clip." When later in word, especially at end, pronounced ee, as in "fleet": Jiriki—Jih-REE-kee

ai—pronounced like long ;, as in "time"

* (apostrophe)—represents a choking sound, and should not be voiced by mortal readers.
Geloe—Her origins are unknown, and so is the source of her name. It is pronounced "Juh-LO-ee" or "Juh-LOY." Both are correct.

Ingen Jegger—He is a Black Rimmersman, and the "J" is Jegger is sounded, just as in "jump."

Miriamele—Although born in the Erkynlandish court, hers is a Nabbanai name that developed a strange pronunciation—perhaps due to some family influence or confusion of her dual heritage—the sounds as "Mih-ree-uh-MEL."

Vorzheva—A Thrithings-woman, her name is pronounced "Vor-SHAY-va," with the zh sounding harshly, like the Hungarian zs.
Aedonis Fiyellis extulanin mei—"Faithful Aedon save me'

Cansim Felis—"Song of Joy"

Cenit—'Dog," "Hound"


Duos wulstei—"God willing"

Escritor—"Writer": one of group of advisors to Lector

Hue Fauge—"What's going on"

Lector—"Speaker": head of Church

Mansa sea Cuelossan—"Mass for the Dead"

Mulveiz nei cenit drenisend—"Let sleeping hounds lie"

Oveiz mei—"Hear me"

Sa Asdridan Condiquilles—"The Conqueror Star"

Tambana Leobardis eis—"Leobardis is (has) fallen"

Timior cuelos exaltat mei—"Fear of death lift me"

Vasir Sombris, feata concordin— "Shadow-father, accept this bargain"
Bynioch na ferth ub strocinh…


E gundhain sluith, ma connalbehn...
Feir—"Brother" or "Comrade"

Goirach—'Mad" or "Wild"

Sithi—"Peaceful Ones"
.—"Brynioch has turned

.—"We fought well, my dear
Im todsten-grukker—"A grave-robber"


Vawer es do iikunde?—"Who is this child?"
Aia—"Back" (Hinik Aia—get back)

Bhojujik mo qunquc—(idiom) "If the bears don't eat you, it's home."

Binbiniqegabenik ea sikka! Uc Sikkam mo-hinaq da Yijarjuki—"I am (Binabik)! We are going to Urmsheim!"


Chash—'True" or "Correct"



Hinik—"Go" or "Get away"

Ko muhuhok na mik aqa nop.—"When it falls on your head, then you know it's a rock."

Mikmok hanno so gijiq—(idiom) "If you want to carry a hungry weasel in your pocket, it's your business."



Sosa—"Come" (imperative)


Yah aqonik mij-ayah nu tutusiq, henimaatuq.—"Ho, brothers, stop and speak with me."
Ai Samu'sithech'a—"Hail Samu'sitech'a

Asu'a—"Looking eastward"

Hei ma'akajao-zha—"Bring it (the castle) down"

Hikeda'ya— "Children of Cloud": Norns


Im sheyis t'si keo'su d'a Yana o Lingit—"For the shared blood of our Ancestors (Yana and Lingit)"

Ine—"It is"

Isi-isi'ye—"It is (indeed) that"

Ras—term of respect "sir" or "noble sir"




Staja Ame—"White Arrow"

Sudhoda'ya—"Sunset-children": Mortals

Tsi anh pra Ineluki!—"By Ineluki's blood!"

T'si e-isi'ha as-irigu!— "There is blood on the eastern gate'"

T'si im T'si—"Blood for blood"

Ua'kiza Tumefai nei-R'i'anis—"Song of the Fall of Tumefai"

Zida'ya—"Children of Dawn": Sithi

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