Young Ostrael of Runchester stood shivering on the curtain wall and reflected on what his

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"Where's Binabik?" he asked. "I want to speak to him. I had the strangest dream... the strangest dream..."
Before Jiriki could speak, Haestan poked his head in through the cave mouth. "Th'king doesna want t'talk," he said, then saw Simon. "Y'r up, lad!" he crowed. "That's fine!"
"What king?" Simon asked, confused. "Not Elias, I hope?"
"No, lad," Haestan shook his head. "After... after what happened up on the mountain, th'trolls found us. You were sleepin' for some days. We're on Mintahoq, now—the troll-mountain."
"And Binabik is with his family?"
"Not quite." Haestan looked at Jiriki. The Sitha nodded. "Binabik—Sludig, too—th'king's holdin' them for prisoners. Under sentence o' death, some say."
"What!? Prisoners?!" Simon exploded, then sagged back down as a band of pain tightened cruelly around his head. "Why?"
"Sludig because he is a hated Rimmersman," Jiriki said. "Binabik, they say, has committed some terrible crime against the troll-king. We do not know yet what it is, Seoman Snowlock."
Simon shook his head in amazement. "This is madness. I've gone mad, or I'm still dreaming." He turned accusingly to Jiriki. "And why do you keep calling me that name?"
"Don't…" Haestan began, but Jiriki ignored him, producing instead from within his jacket the looking glass. Simon sat up and took it, the fine carvings on its frame rough to his sensitive fingers. The wind howled outside the cave, and cold air crept in below the door-cloth.
Was all the world covered with ice, now? Would he never again escape the winter?
In other circumstances he would have been quite taken with the reddish golden whiskers which were coming in thickly all over his face, but his attention was captured by the long scar running up from his jaw, over his cheek and past his left eye. The surrounding skin was livid and new-looking. He touched it and winced, then slid his fingers up to his scalp.
A long swath of his hair had turned as white as the Urmsheim snows.
"You have been marked, Seoman." Jiriki reached out and touched his cheek with a long finger. "For better or for worse, you have been marked."
Simon let the mirror drop, and covered his face with his hands.
Bamabas—Hayholt chapel sexton

Beomoth—one of Jack Mundwode's mythical band

Breyugar—Count of the Westfold, Lord Constable of the Hayholt under Elias

Caleb—Shem Horsegroom's apprentice

Colmund—Camaris' squire, later baron of Rodstanby

Deorhelm—soldier at Dragon and Fisherman

Deornoth, Sir—Josua's knight, sometimes called "Prince's Right Hand"

Dreosan, Father—chaplain of Hayholt

Eadgram, Sir—Lord Constable of Naglimund

Eahlferend—Simon's fisherman father, husband of Susanna

Eahlstan Fiskerne—Fisher King, first Erkynlandish master of Hayholt

Eglaf, Brother—Naglimund monk, friend of Strangyeard

Elias—Prince, Prester John's elder son, later High King

Elispeth—midwife at Hayholt

Ethelbeam—soldier, Simon's companion on journey from Naglimund

Ethelferth—Lord of Tinsett

Fengbald—Earl of Falshire

Freawaru—innkeeper, master of Dragon and Fisherman in Flett

Godstan—soldier at Dragon and Fisherman

Godwig—Baron of Cellodshire

Grimmric—soldier, Simon's companion on journey from Nagilmund

Grimstede, Sir—Erkylandish noble, supporter of Josua

Guthwulf—Eari of Utanyeat, High King's Hand

Haestan—Naglimund guardsman, Simon's companion

Heahferth—Baron of Woodsall

Heanfax—innkeeper's boy

Helfcene, Father—Chancellor of Hayholt

Hepzibah—castle chambermaid

Hruse—Jack Mundwode's wife in song

Inch—Doctor's assistant, later foundry-master


Jack Mundwode—mythical forest bandit

Jael—castle chambermaid

Jakob—castle chandler

Jeremias—chandler's boy

John—King John Presbyter, High King

Josua—Prince, John's younger son, lord of Naglimund, called "Lackhand"

Judith—Cook and Kitchen Mistress

Langrian—Hoderundian monk

Leieth—Miriamele's handmaiden

Lofsunu—soldier, Hepzibah's intended

Lucuman—stable-worker at Naglimund

Malachias—castle boy

Marya—Miriamele's servant

Miriamele—Princess, Elias' only child

Morgenes, Doctor—Scrollbearer, King John's castle doctor, Simon's friend

Noah—King John's squire

Ordmaer—Baron of Utersall

Osgal—one of Mundwode's mythical band

Ostrael—pikeman, son of Firsfram of Runchester

Peter Gilded-Bowl—Seneschal of Hayholt

Rachel—Mistress of Chambermaids

Rebah—castle kitchen maid

Ruben the Bear—castle smith

Sangfugol—Josua's harper

Sarrah—castle chambermaid

Scenesefa—Hoderundian monk

Shem Horsegroom—castle groom

Simon (Seoman)—a castle scullion

Sophrona—Linen Mistress

Strangyeard, Father—Archivist of Naglimund

Susanna—Simon's chambermaid mother

Tobas—castle houndmaster

Towser—jester (original name: Cruinh)

Wuldorcene—Baron of Caldsae
Arthpreas—Count of Cuimnhe

Bagba—Cattle God

Brynioch of the Skies—Sky God

Cadrach-ec-Crannhyr, Brother—monk of indeterminate Order

Cifgha—young lady of Taig

Craobhan—old knight, advisor to King Lluth

Cryunnos—a God

Dochais—Hoderundian monk

Efiathe—original name of Queen Ebekah of Erkynland, called "Rose of Hernysadharc"

Eoin-ec-Cluias—legendary poet

Eolair—Count of Nad Mullach, emissary of King Lluth

Fiathna—Gwythinn's mother, Lluth's second wife

Gealsgiath—ship's captain, called "Old"

Gormhbata—legendary chieftain

Gwelan—young lady of Taig

Gwythinn—Prince, Lluth's son, Maegwin's half brother

Hem—Founder of Hernystir

Inahwen—Lluth's third wife

Lluth-ubh-Llythinn—King of Hernystir

Maegwin—Princess, Lluth's daughter, Gwythinn's half sister

Mircha—Rain Goddess, wife of Brynioch

Murhagh One-Arm—a God

Penemhwye—Maegwin's mother, Lluth's first wife

Red Hathrayhinn—character in Cadrach story

Rhynn—a God

Sumach—Prince, Battle of Knock war-leader

Tethtain—King, only Hernystiri master of Hayholt, called "Holly King"

Tuilleth—young Hernystiri knight
Bindesekk—Isgrimnur's spy

Dror—Ancient War God

Einskaldir—Rimmersgard chieftain

Elvrit—First Osten Ard king of Rimmersmen

Fingil—King, first master of Hayholt, "Bloody King"

Frayja—Ancient Harvest Goddess

Frekke—old soldier

Gutrun—Duchess of Elvritshalla

Hani—young soldier killed by Bukken

Hengfisk—Hoderundian priest

Hjeldin—King, Fingil's son, "Mad King"

Hoderund, Saint—priest from Battle of Knock

Hove—young soldier, relative of Isgrimnur

Ikferdig—King, Hjeldin's lieutenant, "Burned King"

Ingen Jegger—Black Rimmersman, master of Norn hounds

Isbeom—Isgrimnur's father, first Rimmersgard duke under John

Isgrimnur—Duke of Elvritshalla

Isorn—Isgrimnur and Gutrun's son

Ithineg the Harper—character in Cadrach story

Jarnauga—Scrollbearer from Tungoldyr

Jormgrun—King of Rimmersgard, killed by John at Naarved

Loken—Ancient Fire God

Memur—Ancient Wisdom God

Nisse—(Nisses) Hjeldin's priest-helper, writer of Du Svardenvyrd

Sigmar—young Rimmerswoman courted by Towser

Skali—Thane of Kaldskryke, called "Sharp-nose"

Skendi—Saint, founder of abbey

Sludig—young soldier, Simon's companion

Storfot—Thane of Vestvennby

Thrinin—soldier killed by Bukken

Tonnrud—Thane of Skoggey, Duchess Gutrun's uncle

Udun—Ancient Sky God

Ute—of Saegard, soldier killed by Bukken
Aeswides (probably Nabbanization ofErk. name)—first lord ofNag-
Anitulles—former Imperator

Antippa, Lady—daughter of Leobardis and Nessalanta

Ardrivis—last Imperator, uncle of Camaris

Aspitis Proves—count ofEadne, master ofPrevan House, Benigaris' friend

Benidrivine—Nabbanai noble house, kingfisher crest

Benidrivis—first duke under John, father of Leobardis and Camaris

Benigaris—son of Duke Leobardis and Nessalanta

Camaris-sa-Vinitta—brother of Leobardis, friend of Prester John

Clavean—Nabbanai noble house, pelican crest

Claves—former Imperator

Crexis the Goat—former Imperator

Dendinis—architect of Naglimund

Devasalles—Baron, intended of Lady Antippa

Dinivan—Lector Ranessin's secretary

Domitis—Bishop of Saint Sutrin's cathedral in Erchester

Elysia—mother of Usires

Emettin—legendary knight

Enfortis—Imperator at time of Fall of Asu'a

Fluiren, Sir—famous Johannine knight of disgraced Sulian House

Gelles—soldier at market

Hylissa—Miriamele's late mother, Elias' wife, Nessalanta's sister

Ingadarine—noble family, albatross house-crest

Leobardis—Duke of Nabban, father of Benigaris, Varellan, Antippa

Mylin-sa-Ingadaris—Earl, master of Ingadarine House, Nessalanta's brother

Nessalanta—Duchess of Nabban, Benigaris' mother, Miriamele's aunt

Nin Reisu—Niskie aboard Emettin 's Jewel

Nuanni (Nuannis)—ancient sea god of Nabban

Pelippa—noblewoman from Book of Aedon, Saint, called "of the Island"

Plesinnen Myrmenis (Plesinnen of Myrme)—philosopher

Prevan—noble family, osprey house-crest

Pryrates, Father—priest, alchemist, wizard, Elias' counselor

Quincines—Abbot of Saint Hoderund's

Ranessin, Lector—(born Oswine of Stanshire, an Erkynlander) Head of Church

Rhiappa—Saint, called "Rhiap" in Erkynland

Sulis—Rogue noble, former master of Hayholt, "Heron King"

Tiyagaris—first Imperator

Turis—soldier at market

Usires Adeon—Aedonite religion's Son of God

Varellan—Duke Leobardis' youngest son



Yuvenis—ancient chief god of Nabban
Amerasu—Eri-queen, mother of Ineluki and Hakatri

An'nai—Jiriki's lieutenant, hunting companion

Finaju—Sithi-woman in Cadrach story

Hakatri—Ineluki's elder brother, gravely wounded by Hidohebhi

Ineluki—Prince, now Storm King

Isiki—Sithi Kikkasut (Bird God)

Iyu*unigato—Eri-king, Ineluki's father

Jiriki, (i-Sa'onserei)—Prince, son of Shima'onari

Kendharaja'aro—Jiriki's uncle

Ki'ushapo—Jiriki's hunting companion

Mezumiiru—Sithi sedda (Moon Goddess)

Nenais'u—Sithi woman from An'nai's song, lived in Enki e-Shaosaye

Shima'onari—King of Sithi, Jiriki's father, son of Hakatn

Sijandi—Jiriki's hunting companion

Utuk'ku—Queen of the Norns, mistress of Nakkiga

Vindaomeyo the Fletcher—ancient Sithi arrow-maker of Tumet'ai
Binabik (QANUC)—(Binbimqegabenik) Ookequk's apprentice, Simon's friend

Chukku (QANUC)—legendary troll hero

He Who Always Steps on Sand (WRAN)—god

Kikkasut (QANUC)—king of birds

Lingit (QANUC)—legendary son of Sedda, father of Qanuc and men

Lost Piqipeg—legendary troll hero

Middastri (PERDRUINESE)—trader, friend of Tiamak

Ookequk (QANUC)—Singing Man of Mintahoq tribe, Binabik's master

Qinkipa of the Snows (QANUC)—snow and cold goddess

Roahog (WRAN)—potter

Sedda (QANUC)—moon goddess

She Who Birthed Mankind (WRAN)—goddess

Steawe (PERDRUINESE)—Count of Ansis Pelippe

Tallistro, Sir (PERDRUINESE)—famous knight of Johannine Table

Tiamak (WRAN)—scholar, correspondent of Morgenes

Tohuq (QANUC)—sky god

Vorzheva (THRITHINGS>—Josua's companion, daughter of a Thrithings-chief

Yana (QANUC)—legendary daughter of Sedda, mother of Sithi
Ce/todsAw—Erkynlandish barony west of Gleniwent

Da'ai Chikiza (Sithi; "Tree of the Singing Winds")—abandoned Sithi city on east side of Wealdhelm, in Aldheorte

Eirgid Ramh (Hernystiri)—Abaingeat tavern, haunt of Old Gealsgiath

Enki-e-Shaosaye (Sithi)—"Summer-city" east of Aldheorte, long-ruined

Ereb IrigH (Sithi: "Western Gate")—the Knock; in Rimmerspakk: Du Knokkegard

Hewenshire—northern Erkynlandish town east of Naglimund

Hullnir—eastern Rimmersgard village on northeast rim of Drorshullven

Jao e-Tinukai'i (Sithi: "Boat on [the] Ocean [of] Trees")—Only thriving Sithi settlement, in Aldheorte

Jhina-T'senef (Sithi)—city of An'nai's song, now beneath ocean

Little Nose—mountain in Yiqanuc where Binabik's parents died

Moir Brack (Hernystiri)—long, finger-shaped ridge off Grianspog
Nakkiga (Sithi: Mask of Tears)—Stormspike, Stunnrspeik (Rimmerspakk)

Qilakitsoq (Qanuc: Shadow-wood)—Troll name for Dimmerskog Runchester—northern Erkynlandish town on Frostmarch

Sent Anzi'in (Sithi; Tower of the Walking Dawn)—Tumet'ai's great tower

Sent Q/hisd (Sithi)—cited in An'nai's song

Skoggey—central Rimmersgard freehold east of Elvritshalla

Tsi Suhyasei (Sithi: "Her Blood is Cool)—river running through

Da'ai Chikiza; in Erkynlandish: Aelfwent

Tan'ja Stairs—(great Asu'a stairs, formerly centerpiece of Asu'a

Tumet'ai (Sithi)—northern city buried under ice east of Yiqanuc

Ujin e-d'a Sikhunae (Sithi: "Trap that captures the Hunter")—Sithi name for Naglimund

Woodsall— barony between Hayholt and southwestern Aldheorte
Aeghonwye—Maegwin's brood sow

Atarin—Camaris' horse

Croich-ma-Feareg—legendary Hernystiri giant

Greater Worm—Sithi-myth, original dragon from which all others are descended

Hidohebhi—Black Worm, mother of Shurakai and Igjarjuk, slain by Ineluki; in Hernystir: Drochnathair

Igiarjuk—Ice-worm of Urmsheim

Khaerukama'o the Golden—dragon, father of Hidohebhi

Kiku'a—Ingen Jegger's lead hound

One-Eye—Ookekuq's ram

Qantaqa—Binabik's wolf companion

Rim—plow horse

Shurakai—Firedrake slain beneath Hayholt, whose bones are Dragonbone Chair
Boar and Spears—emblem of Guthwulf of Utanyeat

Bright-Nail—sword of Prester John, containing nail from the Tree, and finger bone of Saint Eahlstan Fiskerne

Citril—sour, aromatic root for chewing

Ciyan—a Nabbanai fruit shrub, very rare

Fire Drake and Tree—emblem of King John

Ilenite—a costly, shimmery metal

Indreju—Jiriki's witchwood sword

Kvalnir—Isgrimnur's sword

Lu'yasa's Staff—line of three stars in the sky's northeast quadrant early Yuven

Mantinges—a spice

Mezumiiru 's Net—star cluster; to Qanuc: Sedda's Blanket

Minneyar—iron sword of King Fingil, inherited through line of Elvrit

Mock/oil—a flowering herb

Naidel—Josua's sword

Oinduth—Hern's black spear

Quickweed—a spice

Pillar and Tree—emblem of Mother Church

Rhynn 's Cauldron—Hernystiri battle-summoner

Shent—Sithi game of skill

Sorrow—sword of iron and witchwood smithied by Ineluki, gift to Elias (Sithi: Jingizu)

Sotfengsel—Elvrit's ship, buried at Skipphavven

Thorn—star-sword of Camaris

Tree—the Execution Tree, on which Usires was hanged upside down before temple of Yuvenis in Nabban, now sacred symbol of Aedonite religion

Knucklebones—Binabik's auguring tools;
Wingless Bird


The Shadowed Path

Torch at the Cave-Mouth

Balking Ram

Clouds in the Pass

The Black Crevice

Unwrapped Dart

Feyever 2—Candlemansa

Marris 25—Elysiamansa

Avrel I—All Fool's Day

Avrel 30—Stoning Night

Maia 1—Belthainn Day

Yuven 23—Midsummer's Eve

Tiyagar 15—Saint Sutrin's Day

Anitui 1—Hiafmansa

Septander 20—Saint Grams' Day

Octander 30—Harrows Eve

Novander 1—Soul's Day

Decander 21—Saint Tunath's Day

Decander 24—Aedonmansa

Jonever, Feyever, Marris, Avrel, Maia, Yuven, Tiyagar, Anitui, Septander, Octander, Novander, Decander

Days of the Week

Sunday, Moonday, Tiasday, Udunsday, Drorsday, Frayday, Satrinsday
Erkynlandish names are divided into two types. Old Erkynlandish (O.E.) and Warinstenner. Those names which are based on types from Prester John's native island of Warinsten (mostly the names of castle servants or John's immediate family) have been represented as variants on Biblical names (Elias—Elijah, Ebekah—Rebecca, etc.) Old Erkynlandish names should be pronounced like modem English, except as follows:
a—always ah, as in "father"

ae—ayof "say"

c—k as in "keen"

e—ai as in "air," except at the end of names, when it is also sounded, but with an eh or uh sound, i.e., Hruse—"Rooz-uh"

ea—sounds as a in "mark," except at beginning of word or name, where it has the same value as ae

g—always hard g, as in "glad"

h—hard h of "help"

i—short i of "in"

j— hard j of "jaw"

o—long but soft o, as in "orb"

y—oo sound of "wood," never yoo as in "music"
The Hernystiri names and words can be pronounced in largely the same way as the O.E., with a few exceptions:
th—always the th in "other," never as in "thing"

ch—a guttural, as in Scottish "loch"

y—pronounce yr like "beer," ye like "spy"

A—unvoiced except at beginning of word or after t or c

e—ay as in "ray"

ll—same as single l; Lluth—Luth
Names and words in Rimmerspakk diner from O.E. pronunciation in the following:
j.—pronounced y: Jarnauga—Yamauga; Hjeldin—Hyeldin (H nearly silent here)

ei—long i as in "crime"

e—ee, as in "sweet"

o—oo, as in coop

au—ow, as in "cow'
The Nabbanai language holds basically to the rules of a romance language, i.e., the vowels are pronounced "ah-eh-ih-oh-ooh," the consonants are all sounded, etc. There are some exceptions.

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