You will write a rough draft first

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Ancient Egypt Journal

You will be writing a report for King Hammurabi of Babylon about the people of Egypt. You are a Babylonian merchant that is traveling to Egypt. You have seen ordered to write down everything you see on your travels. You will write a five paragraph essay about Egypt. Make sure to be creative in explaining the wonders of Egypt.

You will write a rough draft first. Your rough draft will be turned in with your final essay.

  1. Use the following website to gather information about the Ancient Egyptians.

  1. Your report needs to be for King Hammurabi of Babylon, who knows very little about Egypt.

  1. The first paragraph will explain the importance of the Nile River to Egypt.

Make sure you have an introduction sentence to begin your first paragraph. Geography Discuss the 3 natural borders; gifts of Nile; flooding and shape

  1. The second paragraph will explain the pyramids and other important buildings of Egypt.

Pyramids Discuss 4 facts about pyramids.

Obelisk Description – 3 facts

Sphinx 4 facts about the Sphinx

  1. The third paragraph will explain government and writing in Egypt.

Government 4 facts

Hieroglyphics 4 facts

Professions Explain how they got their profession; list and explain 2 important professions

  1. The fourth paragraph will explain the daily life of Egyptians.

Daily Life 4 facts

Women 3 facts

Homes Describe home of Nobel and home for Peasants

  1. In the fifth paragraph you will explain what the religion of the Egyptians is like.

Temples 2 facts

Afterlife Describe the Afterlife; 2 requirements to reach afterlife

Grave Goods Explain what grave goods were

Mummies Process of mummification

Make sure you have a conclusion sentences that ties your essay all together.

  1. Make sure your report is at least two but not more than three pages in length.

Typed papers need to be double spaced.

Type or write your final draft neatly in ink.

  1. Due Date Tuesday, November 17.

Ancient Egypt Journal Rubric

Final paper is due on: Tuesday, November 17.

Grading of Ancient Egypt Journal

Your paper will be evaluated on the following:

10 points for grammar, proofreading, and quality of writing

0 5 7 8 10

None Weak Average Strong Exceptional

10 points for voice and engagement of your report on the Ancient Egyptians

0 5 7 8 10

None Weak Average Strong Exceptional

20 points for facts, connections, and details within your five paragraphs on the Egyptians

0 10 14 16 20

None Weak Average Strong Exceptional

40 Points ______________

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