"You take your hands off my stuff" p

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Chunk One SP

Personality Traits

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Physical Traits

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“You take your hands off my stuff” pg.1


“Though he’d live there for nine years” pg.12


“Why is Maria going through my things?” pg.2


“When Bruno came home from school, he was surprised to find Maria.” pg.1


“What’s going on? Are we moving?” pg.2


“Bruno had looked at it and thought that he might not be able to see out without even having to stand on tiptoes.” pg.20
Chunk One Nicolas Hurtado 8-202c #12
Quote One: “He didn’t understand what the ‘foreseeable future’ meant and told her so.” Pg.15
I chose this quote because he wanted to let the reader know what he was going through and what he was feeling at the moment. It seems that he is having a hard time. Bruno seemed confused as well in this part of the story for his future and the future.
Quote Two: “But its not as nice as home, I do know that much.” Pg.30
I chose this quote because I think that the author wanted to tell the reader that Bruno was trying to say that he didn’t like the place he was in. The place where he was at wasn’t considered such a nice place and also with that, nothing there interested Bruno or caught his attention.
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