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Greek Mythology
Mythology is a product of many cultures. These are often glorious stories providing millions of people with a great deal of enjoyment for centuries. The original myths have also been an inspiration to others who, in turn, have produced additional stories, plays, works of art, and films. Today's products and services are advertised in various media using a variety of techniques. One popular method has celebrities, athletes, and people in the news endorse services and products. The theory behind this is that if our heroes and the people we respect say a particular product is good, then we will believe them and buy the product. Your group is to create a humorous advertising campaign using Greek mythology as a foundation.

1) Your group must create an ad campaign for a new or existing product. For instance—you may do a NEW campaign for McDonald's or you may create a brand new fast-food restaurant. If you create a new product or service, you must name it. In the course of the ads, you must somehow tell us the benefits of the product, the cost of the product, and why we should buy it. You must use 3 characters from Greek mythology to sell your product. But, you can use as many as you want.

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