You got the ball, we want the ball hey, defense defense Come on Ossining hold em, defense push em back

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  1. You got the ball, we want the ball hey, defense defense

  2. Come on Ossining hold em, defense push em back

  3. defense let’s stop em (shock em, rock em)

  4. HO XX LD XX hold’em X hold’em XX big O

  5. push em back go Ossining, hold that line (ripple)

  6. T to the A to the K to the E, take that ball away XXX

  7. Ossining let’s roll (defense take control)

  8. Tighten, tighten up that line XXX

  9. Ossining attack, sack that Quarterback


  1. c'mon yell your colors now, maroon and white. (jumpy)

  2. Kentucky

  3. Clap it high, clap it low come'on fans go O go

  4. GO fight win XXX go fight win

  5. Maroon XX maroon & white XXX maroon & white beat those ___________ fight Ossining fight

  6. Come on crowd, yell it loud yell go Ossining go!

  7. everybody yell

  8. Yell out your colors fans maroon and white

  9. B E A T come’on Ossining beat those

  10. XX maroon and white beat the ___, fight Ossining fight.

  11. W I N fight to win

  12. Move it, Move it, go Ossining go

  13. Ossining GO XX Ossining Fight XX Ossining Win, Maroon & White Go Fight Win

  14. hey, X (pause). what do ya say, X (slap). maroon & white (repeat) Ossining fight.

  15. We are XX ossining X. Fans (pause) on this side show your ossining pride yell we are ossining we are ossining

  16. Hey hey Ossining go Big O

  17. yell it yell it come on lets go OHS


  1. Take it down the field big O take it down the Field

  2. first down another O’s

  3. Weee we want a touchdown

  4. Hey XX go for 6

  5. Score 6 lets go Ossining, score 6 lets go.

  6. Move the Ball, X Down the field, move, the ball lets score.

  7. Ossining X attack X sack that quarter back.

  8. Ossining we want a touch down.

  9. Ossining down the field for six *clap 3x

  10. move it move it we want six

  11. offense o’s we want a touch down

  12. Ossining let’s roll

  13. Mo VE move the ball to victory

Quarter/half time

  1. if your from Ossining and your proud

  2. O-H-S a step above the rest.

  3. Ossining fans in the crowd come on everybody get loud, yell O, O yell H, H yell S, S yell ohs, ohs, ohs

  4. Everybody yell Maroon Maroon Maroon, Everybody yell white white white, Everybody yell maroon maroon maroon, XX now white white 

  5. Hey go blue, Fans yell it out X hey go maroon hey go maroon, Fans yell it out X hey go white, Hey go white, maroon and white, maroon and white

  6. Ossining fans its up to you, stand up here is what to do yell ohs, ohs, yell maroon and white, maroon and white, OHS Maroon and white

  7. Ossining fans in the crowd X c'mon everybody get loud, (pause) X yell it O-H-S.

  8. Ossining fans on the count of 3 X lets hear you yell lets - go - Ossining X 1,2,3 repeat . the repeat whole thing - beat - those- bears.

  9. Ossining fans we want a victory X v-i-c-t-o-r-y Ossining fans "show your pride". ossining , victory (repeat2x then repeat whole thing) -"one more time"

  10. We're the O we're the H we're the S. XX we're ohs XX ohs. We're the home of the maroon and the white XX we're maroon and white  

Crowd Chants

  1. D-D-D defense (c’mon crowd yell it out)

  2. everybody let’s hear you yell O-H-S

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