You can help stop the Tasmanian Abortion Bill! Action on the Abortion Bill in the Upper House

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You can help stop the Tasmanian Abortion Bill!

Action on the Abortion Bill in the Upper House

Please write to your local Legislative Councillor expressing your opposition to this bill.

The name of the Bill: Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013

Sponsored by: Michelle O’Byrne

Introduces: Decriminalised abortion and penalties for dissenters

Your MPs (in order of priority – start at the top)

Remember: Start with your local Member then work your way down the list. If you don’t know your local member, just start at the top.

The Honourable Tony Mulder (Rumney)

The Honourable Rob Valentine (Hobart)

The Honourable Tania Rattray (Apsley)

The Honourable Craig Farrell (Derwent)

The Honourable Kerry Finch (Rosevears)

The Honourable Vanessa Goodwin (Pembroke)

The Honourable Greg Hall (Western Tiers)

The Honourable Jim Wilkinson (Nelson)

The Honourable Ivan Dean (Windermere)

The Honourable Paul Harriss (Huon)

The Honourable Lionie Hiscutt (Montgomery)

The Honourable Rosemary Armitage (Launceston)

The Honourable Adrianna Taylor (Elwick)

The Honourable Mike Gaffney (Mersey)

The Honourable Ruth Forrest (Murchison)

Address your letters to all MPs at this address:

C/O- Parliament House, HOBART, Tasmania 7000

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a difference!

NB: If you can’t stay or can’t do all your letters PLEASE TAKE THIS HOME WITH YOU!

Helpful hints

  • Start with your name and address at the top!

  • Subject line: Regarding the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013

  • You need only make one or maybe two short points in your letter – use your own words!

Here are some ideas about what you might want to say regarding the bill:

*There is no legitimate mandate to remove abortion from the Criminal Code i.e. an abortion is not just another operation, another life is at stake.

*In taking abortion out of the Criminal Code, there is no acknowledgment of the existence, or rights of, the unborn child.

*The bill lacks safeguards for women to ensure 1. Truly informed consent is obtained, 2. Independent advice is given, and 3. There is no coercion in her decision making.

*The requirement for doctors to consider current and future economic and social circumstances of women requesting abortion is very subjective.

*Freedom of conscience is ignored when all doctors and counsellors are compelled to refer women requesting abortion to those without a conscientious objection.

*Freedom of speech is suppressed when protestors are threatened with fines/imprisonment for making a public stand for what they consider to be right.

Dos and Don’ts

Be polite. There’s no need to tell your MP that you won’t vote for them if they support this bill – the fact that you’ve taken the time to write tells them that quite clearly!

If you like, you can close by asking them to let you know how they intend to vote.

Make sure you provide your postal address (even if sending an email).

Please thank them for taking the time to note your concerns.

Note: Emails to members are worthwhile too. Go to: (Alive and Kicking).

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