Yearning to Breathe Free” Changing Attitudes about Immigration 1880-1920 Kate O’Mara

Adaptations for ELL or other students

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Adaptations for ELL or other students
ELL students may have their own stories to tell. For the purposes of this lesson, it would be good to compare perceptions of immigration from the point of view of immigrants. Students could perform an oral interview of a parent or grandparent, and then compare the experience of modern immigrants to those in this series of lessons. This would bring the class and the topic alive for the class, and include everyone. Ultimately, do similar perceptions of immigrants still exist? Answers will include both yes and no because of current immigration laws. Note that in the 1920s the United States began restricting immigrants.
There is a list of “text dependent questions” adapted to ask an immigrant. Teachers may use this instead of the Lee Chew article. If teachers wish to replace one of the individual readings instead, utilize the worksheet for individual readings instead (Appendix E).
There is a collection of recorded oral histories at but they may not fully meet the needs of this lesson because they are mostly European, and they may or may not talk about work and life in the immigrant’s new home. However they are searchable by country, and this may be of high interest to some students.

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