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Net & Wall Games

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60 mins

1.1a,b,c, 1.2a,b,c,d 1.3a,b, 1.4a, 2.1a,b,c, 2.2a,b,c 2.3a,b, 2.4,a,b, 2.5a,b, 3a,e,f 4a, 4b,d,e,g

Successful Learners

Unit Aims (plus Literacy, Numeracy, Key Skills and Citizenship)

  • Students will understand how skills and techniques learned can be used in a specific net/wall game.

  • Students will know how to use analytical and evaluation skills to identify how to improve their own and others performance.

  • Students will recognise making mistakes will happen during a game and that recognising those mistakes will help to improve performance

In this unit, pupils will focus on developing their understanding of the tactics, and recognising the importance of, and improving the techniques required to play more effectively and consistently.
In games activities, players select and apply skills and tactics with the express intention of outwitting an opponent. In net games, they achieve this by sending a ball, or other implement, towards a court or target area that the opponent is defending. The aim is to get the ball to land in the target area so that the opponent cannot return it.
Literacy Through the activities in this unit pupils will be able to understand, use and spell correctly words relating to:

tactics and techniques, eg ready positions, tactics, strokes and shots, preparation and follow-through, attacking and defensive positions, changing defence into attack, anticipation/disguise, coaching, officiating/umpiring
Speaking and listening - through the activities pupils could:describe and evaluate how the work was undertaken and what led to the conclusions
Reading - through the activities pupils could:undertake independent research using knowledge of how texts, databases, etc, are organised and of appropriate reading strategies.

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