Year 9 Medicine Through Time – Summer Homework

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Year 9 Medicine Through Time – Summer Homework

task 1: prehistoric medicine

How healthy were people?

What caused sickness?

How did they treat illnesses and injuries?

Who provided medical care?

What did they think caused illness?

Key words & definitions:





Task 3: how did life in Egypt affect medicine? Explain how each factor enabled medical development in Ancient Egypt.

Task 2: Annotate the source below using your understanding of prehistoric medicine



The nile

Task 5: ancient Greek medicine at the asclepion Annotate the drawing below with both natural and supernatural treatments available at the Asclepion.


Task 4: what did the Egyptians understand about the body & how was illness treated? Use key words such as EMBALMING and the explanations from Task 3 to help you.

Task 6: the theory of the four humours Explain WHO came up with the theory of the four humours, WHAT the theory is based upon and WHY HOW it was used.

Extension: explain the cult of asclepius

TASK 11: Add all key medical events, developments and individuals onto the timeline below to show change and continuity over time. Include prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek and roman advances.

Task 10: explain the impact of the following public health advances in ancient rome.




Public baths:

Task 8: who made the biggest contribution to medical development… Hippocrates or galen?


Task 9: why is Galen so important to our study of medicine through time?

Complete a Wikipedia page on the life and medical contributions of Claudius Galen, include the following points;

  • Early life

  • Medical methods used

  • Dissection

  • Continuities from Ancient Greek medicine

Task 7: was Hippocrates the father of modern medicine? Annotate the picture below with at least 3 of Hippocrates’ contributions to medicine.

h:\teaching\resources and tools\resources\main\medicine through time\4. greeks\images\hippocrates.jpg

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