Year 9 Extended Project Alternative Conflict in the Middle East- is this the great unsolvable conflict?’?

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Year 9 Extended Project Alternative

Conflict in the Middle East- is this the great unsolvable conflict?’?

This project is structured to be completed over 10-12 weeks. You will need to complete the tasks below and show them to your supervisor at the agreed points. Work which is not to standard will be redone. At the end of the project you will be expected to create and present a presentation that answers the question above.

Additional information and resources:

Part One- Palestine up to 1947.

Section A- The biblical origins

You will need to open the PPT ‘ Part One- The Arab Israeli biblical story’

You need to read through this PPT and then, in your own words, answer the following:-

  1. What are the biblical origins to the Crisis?

  2. Why might this still be a cause today?

For each you will need to explain your answer in detail.

Section B- The rise of Zionism and the involvement of the British

Open and read the information on the PPT ‘Part Two- Arab Israeli Conflict to 1947’

As you do so answer the following questions. For some you will also need to do some of your own research.

  1. Explain why Zionism arose and why this would lead to conflict in the Middle East.

  2. Create a timeline of the increasing tension and conflict in Palestine between 1919 to 1939.

  3. To what extent were the British to blame for the conflict in the Middle East? Explain your answer.

  4. How and why did this conflict escalate between 1945-1947.

  5. Why was the UN partition plan bound to fail?

Part Two- Wars of Independence- 1947-

Section A- The war of Independence- 1948-9

Open the folder for this part and the Section A PPT.

Read through and answer the questions:

  1. Why was Israel able to win the war of Independence against the odds?

  2. Research point- what were the errors made by the Arab forces in this war?

  3. How would this cause future seeds of conflict between Arabs and Israelis? Think of and explain at least three reasons for this.

Section B- The Suez Crisis and Six Day War

Open the folder for this part and the Section B PPT

This is quite long so worth taking some basic notes before attempting the task.

After you have gone through the PPT, do the following.

These two wars were seen as securing the existence of Israel. In what ways was this true, and in what ways was this this not true? Explain your answer using details from the two events to support your work.

Section C The War of Attrition and Yom Kippur.

Open the folder for this part and the Section C PPT

Read through and attempt the following:

  1. Why did the Egyptians attempt to carry out a war of attrition? Was it effective?

  2. What impact did the death of Nasser have in the situation in the Middle East?

  3. What impact did the Rogers Plan have on the position of the Palestinians?

  4. What impact on the world at large?

  5. Explain what happened in the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

  6. How did interference from other powers make this situation both better and worse by the early 1980s?

Part C- The modern Conflict 1980- present day.

Section A- The Conflict after 1980 and the rise of the PLO

Open the folder for this part and the Section A PPT

How has the Conflict changed since the 1980s? Is there any sign during this time that the conflict was close to resolution?

A wall has been built to keep Israel ‘safe’ but has not been effective. Can you suggest an alternative response?

Section B- Recent Developments -2005-

You will need the Section B Booklet. This is a significant piece and will take several weeks to do.

Using the booklet and your own research on events since 2007, answer the following.

In 2005 the Israeli Government forced 8,000 Jewish settlers to leave the Gaza Strip and to re – settle in Israel. The intention was to end the violence in the Middle East and to prepare for a Palestinian homeland.

Why has Israel not lived in peace since returning the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians?

You have now finished the main part of the project. You now need to create your presentation that answers the key question: ‘The Arab- Israeli Conflict- is this the great unsolvable conflict?’

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