Year 5 unit overview – Australian Curriculum: History

Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

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Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

Students will:

develop an understanding of the diverse histories of Asia and build an appreciation of Asia's importance and its historical

contribution to Australia and the world

• develop an appreciation of the history of Australia-Asia engagement and how this influences contemporary relationships.

Students will develop world views for a more sustainable and just future by studying the past relationship between humans and

the environment.
Relevant prior curriculum

Students require the following prior knowledge, understandings and skills from their study of The Australian Colonies: Exploring

the development of British colonies in Australia, including:

• knowledge of the expansion of the colonies after the first European settlement in Sydney Cove

• an understanding of how people and events bring about change

• historical skills of sequencing events and people in chronological order to identify key dates, locating information in sources to answer questions, and explaining and communicating.

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