Xavier university undergraduate core curriculum

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xavier university undergraduate core curriculum
Since 1599, Jesuit education has promoted a distinctive plan of studies (Ratio Studiorum in Latin) that adjusts to each generation, always maintaining a strong commitment to the Liberal Arts Catholic Jesuit tradition. At Xavier University this plan of studies begins with the Undergraduate Core Curriculum. In Fall 2015 Xavier launches a new Core that revolves around the Jesuit values of magis, reflection, discernment, cura personalis, solidarity and kinship, and service rooted in justice and love. The new Core significantly reduces the total credit hours required for most students, and thus allows for numerous possibilities for double majors, additional minors, immersion experiences, study abroad, and a wide range of electives that students can use to satisfy the overall number of 120 credit hours required for graduation. 1

The Core

Requirements for all first-year students entering Fall 2015 or later

(Each line represents a three-credit hour course, unless otherwise noted, for up to a total of 48 credit hours)

First-Year Experience

CORE 100 First-Year Seminar

CORE 101 (Fall) & 102 (Spring) First-Year Co-Curricular Program (zero credit requirement)

Ethics/Religion and Society Focus2

THEO 111 Theological Foundations

PHIL 100 Ethics as Intro to Philosophy

Literature & the Moral Imagination3

Perspectives Courses

Creative Perspectives

Historical Perspectives

Mathematical Perspectives

Philosophical Perspectives (PHIL 200)

Scientific Perspectives

Theological Perspectives (THEO 200+)


ENGL 101 Composition or ENGL 115 Rhetoric

Language (two three-credit hour courses or 202)4


Humanities Elective5

Natural Science Elective

Social Science Elective

Students also must satisfy five flags in addition to the 48 credit hours listed in the chart above. A flag constitutes a significant portion of a course in any discipline that is devoted to one of the five topics. Flagged courses are approved by the committee or subcommittee devoted to each flag topic. No single course can be used to fulfill more than two flags. Flagged courses often double count for other courses in the core, for major requirements, and/or for minor requirements, and thus do not add to the total number of credit hours required in the Core Curriculum.

Five Flags

Diversity (DCR), Ethics/Religion and Society (E/RS), Oral Communication, Quantitative Reasoning, Writing

Updated March 24, 2015

1 Students who graduate before Fall 2015 must satisfy requirements for the Old Core. (See http://www.xavier.edu/undergraduate-admission/documents/CoreCurriculumFactSheet9-7-2012.pdf.) Students who enrolled before Fall 2015 and graduate after Spring 2015 count as Transition Students who must satisfy the Transition Core (see Transition Core Document).

2 The Ethics/Religion and Society Focus also includes an E/RS flagged course, one of the five flags at the bottom of the chart.

3 Can be fulifilled with CLAS 205, ENGL 205, FREN 205, GERM 205, or SPAN 205.

4 In Spring 2014 Faculty voted that the Core requirement for language would include 102 plus either 201 or study abroad, but this option has been postponed until Fall 2016 pending further research and recommendations. Prior to that time the new Core will continue the requirement for the old Core (and not the Transition Core) as listed above.

5 Humanities Elective can be satisfied by one course from any of the following categories: All Classics except 205, ENGL 121+ except 205, FREN 300+, GERM 300+, HIST 200+, PHIL 300+, SPAN 300+, or THEO 300+. The Humanities Elective may not double count as an E/RS flag (though may be an E/RS flagged course). While all Theology courses 200 and above count as Theological Perspectives, and all Theology courses 300 and above also count for Humanities Electives, no Theology course can double-count for both Theological Perspectives and Humanities Elective.

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