X defining us: The American Experience

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Defining US: The American Experience

FCPS Teaching American History Grant

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Subject: ESOL American History to1877 Grade: 6

Prepared by: Darina Walsh School: Poe Middle School

Title or Topic: Causes of the American Revolution

Instructional Time: 45 Minute Period

  1. Essential Learning: How did England impose its political and economic control over the colonies.

  1. Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL): USI.6a

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the causes and results of the American Revolution by identifying the issues of dissatisfaction that led to the American Revolution.

3. Fairfax County Program of Studies (POS):
Standard 1

Students acquire historical knowledge and understanding that result from a comprehensive study of American History, world history, and western civilization. (POS Standard 1)

Benchmark 1

Students acquire knowledge and understanding of the growth of the United States as a nation, from the Age of Exploration through Reconstruction.

d. Analyze colonial/English relations, issues of dissatisfaction, contributing factors, key events, and effects of the American Revolution. (POS 1.1d)

  1. National History Standard (Historical Thinking Standard)

  • Historical Research Capabilities

  1. Learning Strategy(s) Objectives: (See handouts from January 12 seminar)

  1. Connection to TAH grant: Students use primary sources to communicate knowledge of historical event. Students use cooperative learning strategies highlighted in the Grant presentations.


Assessment: Students create a comic strip depicting the events of the Boston Massacre.

  1. Instructional Strategies:

  • Warm Up: Students complete a Wordstorming activity to anticipate the content. (See Wordstorming Handout) In this activity students, students brainstorm words related to colonial dissatisfaction during the time period prior to the American Revolution. Students share words with the class. Using the words students predict content.

  • Students work in collaborative groups each group reading one personal account of the Boston Massacre (Four accounts will be read). www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/bostonmassacre/prestontrialexcerpts.html

  • Students complete Eyewitness Handout, Witness #1

  • After reading students share their account with the class to complete the remainder of the organizer

  • Students compare and contrast two eyewitness accounts using the Venn Diagram.

  • Students then write a cartoon depicting the events.

  1. Materials/Resources to be used:

  • www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/bostonmassacre/prestontrialexcerpts.html

  • Wordstorming handout (adapted from Janet Allen)

  • Ed Ellis Graphic Organizer

  • Comic Strip Handout

  1. Differentiation:

  • More complex Narrative Accounts may be used depending upon students reading ability.

  • Students write a compare and contrast essay.

Colonial Dissatisfaction


A -B


E- F

G - H

I - J

K - L

M - N

O - P

Q – R

S - T

U - V

W - Z

Eyewitness: The Boston Massacre

Using the information from the reading, write a six frame comic strip about the Boston Massacre. You may use speech bubbles or put captions at the bottom of each frame.

yewitness: The Boston Massacre Comic Strip

Eyewitness: The Boston Massacre



Annotated Bibliography:
The Trial of Captain Preston: Key Evidence

This website contains primary source of the Trial of Captain Preston for the event known as the Boston Massacre. Eyewitness accounts are included as part of the trial record.

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