Wwii project Directions

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WWII Project Directions

Chapter 26 in our book is devoted to the study of WWII. You have an assignment which will consist primarily of a visual aid with accompanying information in a Power Point format. Please read and follow the directions carefully. This is an individual project; no groups or partners. The project will count as three grades. You will give a brief presentation of your project, which will last 4-5 minutes that counts as part of your grade. At that time you will display your visual aid and share your Power Point presentation.

Visual Aid Directions:

Make or construct something related to your topic of choice. This visual aid needs to be a model, diorama, or tri-fold project board. Be neat, creative, interesting, colorful, and appropriate to the topic. The model is not to be larger than 2 feet in height, width, and depth. Be sure to include an index card with a brief summary describing what it is. Use your talents and have fun! Be creative!

Power Point Directions:

You are to create a slide show consisting of 8-10 slides about your topic.

Slide #1: Topic, Your name, and Period

Slides #2-9: Information and pictures pertaining to your topic. Each slide needs to have a minimum of 3 sentences for description purposes. Each slide must also include at least one picture about the topic discussed on that slide.

Slide #10: Conclusion. Three sentence minimum wrapping up what was learned about the topic you chose.

All slides need to have a background and slide transitions. Preview your slides to determine the order you want the information to appear on each. This power point can either be saved to a flash drive or in your Moodle account.


A brief presentation will be given before the class about your topic. In this presentation, inform the class what your topic is, share your Power Point slide show, and explain your visual aid. Voice projection, clarity, and fluidity will all count toward your grade.

DUE DATE: _____________________________________

Suggested Topics:

American Weapons American Generals American airplanes

War Ships Pearl Harbor Attack Atomic Bomb

Adolf Hitler Harry Truman The Holocaust

Wartime at Home Franklin Roosevelt Benito Mussolini

Winston Churchill Important Battles WACs during WWII

Manhattan Project WAVES during WWII Erwin Rommell

WASPS during WWII D-Day Invasion Tuskegee Airmen


Visual Aid: Power Point:

Creativity (10 pts) Slide #1 (5 pts)

Neatness (10 pts) Information on slides (15 pts)

Accentuates Topic (10 pts) Graphics (10 pts)

Self-Explanatory (10 pts) Background & Transitions (7)

Overall Appearance (5 pts) Conclusion (5 pts)


Voice Projection & Eye Contact (3 pts)

Information (5 pts)

Time & Fluidity (5 pts)
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