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WWI Review Sheet Answers

1. What was “the spark” that began World War I? Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

2. What was the Zimmerman telegram? Telegram sent from German from Mexico asking for

Mexico’s help in invading the US during WWI….intercepted and decoded by the British

3. What boat was sunk by German U-Boats that upset many Americans? Lusitania

4. What is an alliance? Agreement between nations

5. Who were the Central Powers (not ITALY!)? Germany, Austria Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman


6. Who were the Allied Powers? Britain, France, Russia (and later the US

7. What is propaganda? Material to sway public opinion

8. What year did the US enter WWI to protect its freedom of the seas from unrestricted submarine warfare? 1917

9. Who were the “Big Four?” What countries were they from?

Wilson: US

Clemenceau: France

George: Britain

Orlando: Italy

10. Who did the European Allies want to pay for the war? Germany

11. What was Wilson’s peace plan called? 14 Points

12. What part of Wilson’s plan did he want approved more than anything else (And this was about

the only part that was approved!) League of Nations

13. What was the name of the treaty that ended World War I? Treaty of Versailles

14. What new countries were created after World War I? Finland, Latvia, Poland, Estonia,

Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia

15. What were the MAIN causes of World War I?





16. . How was Germany punished the Treaty of Versailles?

Had to take blame for the war, had to pay war debts, had to pay for all of the war, lost part of

their army and navy, lost their air force, lost their submarines.

17. The draft was established by this act? Selective Service ACT

18.Who commanded the American Expeditionary Force(US Military in Europe) during WWI? What famous city did they save on arrival? General John J Pershing/ Paris

19 What is a Liberty Bond? War Bond- used to loan money for war effort

20.What was Sergeant Alvin York awarded? Congressional Medal of Honor- Act of Valor

21. What is Total War? All of a countries resources are devoted to the war effort.

22. Was Senator Henry Cabot Lodge( For or Against) the League of Nations? Why? Could involve the US in a war without the US voting to go to war

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