Wtc rainbow Division Media Hits: print media

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WTC Rainbow Division Media Hits:


NY Daily News 9/13 Unidentified Rainbow Soldier photo

NY Times 9/14 Photo of 1-69 soldiers in lower Manhattan

NY Daily News 9/17 Unidentified Rainbow Soldier photo

Lockport Union-Sun 9/17 152nd EN Bn troops praised at local rally

Albany Times-Union 9/17 101 Cavalry Soldiers at WTC patrol Ground Zero

Syracuse Post Standard 9/18 Unidentified Rainbow Soldiers at NYSE photo

Watertown Times 9/18 101 Cavalry Soldiers at WTC

NY Times 9/18 101 Cavalry Soldiers at WTC

Binghamton Press & Sun 9/18 En Bde Rabbi helps victims cope with trauma

USA Today 9/18 Unidentified Rainbow soldier with civilian at NYSE photo

Albany Times Union 9/19 Rainbow troops gear up for long haul (101 CAV & 642 DASB)

Poughkeepsie Journal 9/19 101 Cavalry Soldiers photo

NY Law Review 9/19 HQ, Avn Bde receives legal assist. for JAG in Battery Park

Huntington, LI Record 9/20 Unidentified Rainbow Soldier photo

Saratogian 9/20 Unidentified Rainbow Soldier photo

Schenectady Daily Gazette 9/20 Area Priests answer call for help (CH Diacetis)

Cortland Standard 9/21 D Co 1-127 Armor Deploys to NYC

Olean Times-Herald 9/25 1-127 Armor Deploys to NYC

Canandaigua Daily Messenger 9/27 101 Cav soldiers photo

Smithtown News (LI) 9/27 642 DASB Chaplain dual service w/Rainbow & FBI at WTC

Syracuse Post-Standard 9/28 101 Cavalry Soldiers photo

NYC Harbor Watch 10/5 342 FSB at Pier 96

NYC Harbor Watch 10/5 Sgt. Traci Farmer (342 FSB) direct commissioning

NY Daily Post 10/7 Postman now patrols Ground Zero (Rainbow trooper on SAD)

Buffalo News 10/7 127th AR Bn soldiers from Jamestown deploy for duty in NYC

Schenectady Daily Gazette 10/18 Other states’ Rainbow Units not needed in NYC

Watertown Times 10/19 Other states’ Rainbow Units not needed in NYC

NYC Harbor Watch 10/19 NY National Guard at Yankee Stadium

NYC Harbor Watch 10/26 O’Brien Painting shows hope as “ghost in the machine”

Staten Island Advance 11/1 ESGR hails SI company for support to citizen–soldier (HHC Avn Bde)

NYC Harbor Watch 11/2 “Homeland Defense is now a reality” 1-69 mobilization

Troy Record 11/2 Governor visits 42nd Troops in NYC

Albany Times-Union 11/6 101 Cav Call-up for NYC duty

Staten Island Advance 11/10 101 Cav Call-up for NYC duty

NY Times 11/13 Unidentified Rainbow Soldier photo at crossing site

NY Times 11/21 Thanksgiving in a time of Fasting (250th Signal Muslim soldier)

Albany Times-Union 11/22 Remembering those not at table (101 Cav families)

The Evangelist 11/22 Article about Division Chaplain (Diacetis) in NYC

Schodack Independent 11/27 Rainbow JAG NCO on duty in NYC

AUSA News Dec. NY provides answers, questions to homeland security

Army Times 12/2 New York Guard on duty in city, airports

NY Observer 12/2 Photo of 1-69 Soldiers at Ground Zero

Journal News 12/10 101 Cav Guardsmen Deliver Baby in NYC

Albany Times-Union 12/24 Protecting the State Gets Pricey; 101 Cavalry Mission

NY Times 1/7 Patrolling NYC, 101 Cavalry Mission

AUSA News Jan. Photo, 101 Cav trooper at WTC site

Albany Times Union 1/23 Tragedy draws on Guardsman’s commitment (HQ G2 soldier)

Schenectady Daily Gazette 1/27 National Guard Ends NYC Mission (101 Cav redeploys)

Daily News 2/12 Photo of 1-69th soldiers in rail station (FBI warning article)


9/28 New York Guardsman conveys patriotism, anger in recovery effort

12/20 Guard Continues to Patrol NYC

National Guard News Center (

9/24 442 MP Empire Guards

10/10 Rainbow at Ground Zero

10/10 Soldiers are Eyes and Ears of the Subway

10/24 O’Brien Painting shows hope as “ghost in the machine”

11/13 Planes, trains, and automobiles (Crossing Site Security)

Army News Service (

9/20 Guard at WTC

Armed Forces News Service (

9/20 US Responds to WTC attacks

11/28 New York Provides Answers; Questions Arise for Future

11/28 Pier 92: The Connecting Point In New York

11/28 'Here to Make History'

11/28 Reservists Support Homeland Security

11/28 Pataki Calls Up More Guardsmen

11/28 New York Guard Records Its Mission

11/28 'A Ministry of Presence'

11/28 'Getting Back to Normal'

First Army News (

9/12 NY Governor Announces Guard Response to Terror Attacks

9/14 Guard Responds


Ch. 6, 10, 13 Albany-area 11/1 Governor Pataki Praises 42nd Division at NYC Armory

Ch 13 Albany area 12/24 101 Cavalry troopers on duty at crossing sites

Ch 13 Albany area 1/27 101 Cavalry troopers redeploy from NYC

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