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WS 303 Feminist Theory: Manifestos


  1. a. A public declaration or proclamation, written or spoken; esp. a printed declaration, explanation, or justification of policy issued by a head of state, government, or political party or candidate, or any other individual or body of individuals of public relevance, as a school or movement in the Arts.

b. In extended use: a book or other work by a private individual supporting a cause, propounding a theory or argument, or promoting a certain lifestyle
 2. A proof, a piece of evidence. Obs.
noun: plural manifestos or manifesoes

a written statement of the beliefs, aims and policies of an organization, especially a political party
Martin Luther’s Address (1520)
The Communist Manifesto
Futurist Manifesto
Manifesto of Surrealism
Letter from a Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King, Jr.
Unabomber’s Manifesto

Vow of chastity, dogma 95 Manifesto
Party platforms, political speeches, political forums, blogs


Seneca Falls Declaration

Speeches after arrest of illegal voting: Susan B. Anthony
Now We Can Begin: Crystal Eastman
Bitch Manifesto
The National Organization for Women (NOW) The Early Documents
Redstockings Manifesto
Combahee River Collective
Scum Manifesto
Riot Grrrl Manifesto
Bejing Platform for Action
Anarcho feminism 2 Statements
Consciousness Raising: The Woman’s Collective

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