Writing Thesis Statements What is a thesis statement?

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Writing Thesis Statements

What is a thesis statement?

        Thesis statements are a 1 or 2 sentence argument. They establish the point of view the writer is taking, and the focus of the paper.

        Thesis statements set the mood for the paper, and they prepare the reader for facts and details, which you will provide as evidence for your thesis.

  • A Thesis Statement can NEVER be a question! It should be the answer to the question.

Where are thesis statements located?
Thesis statements are generally found in the introduction, or opening paragraph, of a research paper. In addition, thesis statements are often restated in the conclusion, or last paragraph.

A few general guidelines
The thesis statement does not have to be long or complicated.
The thesis statement must be supported by using sufficient evidence in your paper.
The thesis statement can appear anywhere in the opening paragraph, 
    however, it is most likely to be the first or last sentence.

An example to follow
A thesis statement that is too general serves no purpose! Always keep the statement specific. Two examples follow:

Too General:

The American Revolution had political and economic causes.”


British policies such as the Sugar, Tea, and Townshend Acts angered the North American colonists because they thought of them as violations of the tradition of salutary neglect, and as a violation of their political rights as Englishmen. Britain’s political and economic crackdown following the French and Indian War was the most important factor contributing to the American Revolution.


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