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Many cities suffer from serious air and noise pollution—as well as endless traffic jams—because of too many cars. Some people feel that cities with extensive public transportation systems should ban passenger cars and force people to walk, bike, or use public transportation. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcsvhlhwsmmoko8petcxonwedjtk2dt9m2ym8mtmmq92h8otxgb9pctm0jwj:1.bp.blogspot.com/-bggtx6bf8kg/tatiblfqhzi/aaaaaaaaah8/a1qpnvceyy0/s1600/bus_cartoon_large.jpg
Carpooling, recycling, and planting trees are all activities that are good for the environment. Write an essay convincing readers to actively participate in one of these activities.http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcqd15sm53sp6tuxehcmwvgbb7hxexseogllym4nbyqnqnr4llo4:www.1stlake.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/recycle.jpg
Some people fish to eat what they catch; others fish simply for the “sport,” returning the fish to the water after they’ve caught it. Many animal rights activists argue that sport fishing is cruel and should be abolished. How do you feel about this issue? State your position and support it with specific reasons and examples.http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcs2nz9zuo1tltnzywljxtii7s2sti7b9azrsp4wjydrkolviz4j7khwa8s:www.swampstallionfishingadventures.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/fishing_cartoon_02tra.gif


Across the country, public places such as libraries and museums are now smoke-free environments, and restaurants are required to have separate smoking and non-smoking sections. Some smoke free advocates are now campaigning to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

In order to solve your school’s recent litter problem, your principal asked students to take better care of the campus, but the litter problem continued. Your principal’s reaction is to cancel all extracurricular activities until the problem is resolved. Do you agree or disagree with his reaction? Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcs8tgs_uovdliokdostazomhnobfsrngqfj3o7v1cwsxlmbfhv7rwv_bgqh:kids.niehs.nih.gov/assets/images/t_z/trash.gif

With the current popularity of sport utility vehicles many people believe that it’s more important than ever for Congress to pass legislation requiring automobile manufacturers to use more fuel efficient engines. Do you agree that such a law should be passed? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your argument.http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcqk59alby02k_gchwghf2-5rvxxyttq6jjo_695a-o7zmyqo_9u:polyp.org.uk/cartoons/environment/polyp_cartoon_suv_carbon_offset.jpg

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcqeqvwb_voulyznet0mtwsejz_sw5c_tpoap-y8dj-arpftp9t1hg:www.wpclipart.com/cartoon/aliens/alien_cartoons_3/comic_alien.pngExplain pollution to a visitor from another planet.

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gctriu74epofl5wefdsrq3lss8aijauohaqe00ff12fzqfk1wlrlyxnxkt79:upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b3/monthlymeant.gif/300px-monthlymeant.gifDescribe how climate dictates lifestyle.

Compare and contrast a vacation in a cold climate and a vacation in a warm climate.http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcrbvy2vzks9kxs0rve6fvp0iystjlivayed20q_inxl7_9qujrhra:allgreen.com/site/images/stories/hot_cold_water_faucets
In regard to the US’s dependency on petroleum, what will it take for a change to occur? http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:and9gcsdiwk60zggarqnquvzn9npmldlkrhjnylbrwz-x3ix0esu6okw:www.thewayinc.com/images/petro/on-land-rig.jpg%3fsfvrsn%3d2

What issues stand in the way of making a change to using gasoline as our primary fuel source?  

A city might switch from buses that burn fossil fuel to buses that burn B20 diesel fuel. The data table below shows the average kilometers per liter (kpL) of a bus burning B20 diesel and of a bus burning fossil fuel for a seven-month period. The B20 diesel fuel costs more than the fossil fuel.

Evaluate the best type of fuel to use in the city buses. In your evaluation, be sure to include

advantages and disadvantages for each fuel

supporting evidence from the data table and the technical passage

During one year the algae population decreases in the Chesapeake

Bay. Below is a partial Chesapeake Bay food chain.

Explain how a large decrease in the algae population will most likely impact the bay ecosystem. In your explanation, be sure to include

the roles of the organisms in the partial Chesapeake Bay food chain

the possible effects of a decrease in the algae population on the plant and animal populations

The diagram shows the relationships among organisms in an ecosystem.

Explain how organisms in this ecosystem compete for resources. In your explanation, be sure to include

the animals that compete for the same food source

why the plants and animals compete for water
Explain how environmental conditions affect the population cycles of wetland organisms. In your explanation, be sure to include

the relationship between the amount of precipitation and the number of trees

the relationship between the amount of precipitation and the number of frogs

Describe a major environmental problem and what you believe should be done about it.
Sample 6 Score

A major environmental problem, the magnitude of which we are just beginning to realize, is global warming. When people say that the winters aren’t as cold as they used to be, or that there was definitely more snow in past years, they are correct. In addition to these personal testimonials, there is concrete visual evidence of global warming. Most noticeable is the depletion of the ice caps. In recent years, glaciers have been receding in greater amounts than in former years. One only has to visit a national park where this recession is marked with signs indicating where the glacier reached in a particular year. The visitor can see how much further away from a particular spot the ice is at the present moment.

When the ice caps, made of fresh water, melt, they change the salinity of the oceans, change the currents, and change the conditions for survival for myriad species. Additionally, invasive species might move in, affecting the entire ecosystem. This has a domino effect, as all species are interdependent and survive according to predictable sources of food and living conditions. A specific example recently described on an environmental calendar told of the effect of global warming on polar bears. The bears cannot go out on the melted ice, which is how they get their food. This causes them to lose body fat and even to be unable to give birth to cubs.

Global warming causes flooding, and because the warming of the earth causes dryness, fires increase.

When speaking of the causes of global warming, some experts say that ice ages followed by warming have been cyclical throughout the eons and that there is not much that can be done about it. However, most scientists believe that the actions of humans have speeded up this process. They blame the increased burning of wood and fossil fuels—oil and coal—on an

increasing population needing heat for warmth and cooking. More energy consumption places carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Warm air trapped around the earth has been deemed the greenhouse effect.

While we cannot stop the naturally occurring climate changes, we can try to mitigate the rapid warming by reducing our use of fossil fuels. Much publicity has been given to the love that Americans have for sports utility vehicles which burn an inordinate amount of fuel and which are not required for the kind of ordinary driving done by most owners. There are numerous additional ways in which we can reduce our dependence on these fuels, ranging from insulating our homes, to lowering the thermostat in winter, and raising it when we use air conditioning. Perhaps researchers can develop alternate sources of energy. Presently an automobile is being developed that uses gas initially and then automatically switches to electricity. Theoretically, this car will be able to run for fifty miles on one gallon of gasoline. Additionally, we can support the scientific study of the effects of global warming. Perhaps we can predict such things as where floods will occur or where crops will have difficulty surviving and take steps to overcome these problems.

One thing is certain. Global warming is a serious environmental problem with ramifications that affect almost every aspect of life.
Sample 4 Score

Global warming which means that it is getting warmer all over the globe, is a serious environmental problem. It is bad for the environment, nature, animals, and humans as well. Global warming causes a lot of glaciers to melt which then causes more floods and makes the ocean warmer which could hurt certain kinds of fish. Global warming also leads to more fires in general and increases the rate of cancer in humans, especially skin cancer.

In order to stop global warming, we should study the greenhouse effect. Because we use too much oil and gas and pollute the air on a regular basis, hot air can’t escape the atmosphere. We need to use less oil and gas so the hot air can get out. People don’t need to drive trucks and SUVs all the time because they use more gas and cause more air pollution. We also don’t have to use air conditioning all the time. People need to remember that minivans and air conditioning are luxuries not neccessities.

If everyone agreed to change their habits, it would help the environment a lot. So, we should find out what needs to be done to solve this serious environmental problem and do whatever it takes.
Sample 1 Score

A environmental problem is called global warming. The globe is getting hot. I am not sure about this we had plenty of cold days and I like it hot in summr. How do they no do they mesure all over the globe. 1 day it was so cold my hands froze and I got in trubel because I was not aloud out so I had no time to gebt gloves. I gess I don’t like global warming if it gets to hot but maybe its only far away anwe don’t need to wory about it hear.

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