Writing Prompt: Letter from the Trenches After reading the article

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Writing Prompt: Letter from the Trenches

After reading the article Trenches of World War I, write a letter home to someone of importance (parents, loved one, friend) describing your experiences as a soldier in the trenches of the Western Front. This is a creative writing prompt using the material learned in class to help you imagine what soldiers of WWI would have experienced.

Include the following in your letter -

  • How long have you been at the front?

  • Describe your daily routine as a soldier at the Western Front - morning, responsibilities, free time, evening, defense/offense during an attack and any additional daily duties.

  • What is it really like living in the trenches?

  • Are you happy that you joined the war effort and finally in the Great War? Or are you regretful that you did enlist and want the nightmare to end?

  • What has the fighting been like when you have had to go "over the top"?

  • Do you think you will make it home or not? Explain.

  • Any remaining thoughts you may have as you have to finish up the letter, because your unit will soon be ordered to "go over the top" and attack the enemy...

Be creative as to how you will complete your letter, so it will look authentic as it actually came from the trenches on the Western Front of the Great War.

Due - Tuesday, February 18th

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