Write the number of each amendment that matches each description

Fill in the blank with the correct answer

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Fill in the blank with the correct answer
1. Mallory is sentenced to life in jail for stealing a pen from Wal-Mart. This cannot happen to Mallory because of which amendment? ________________________________
2. Choosing to attend school to get a higher education would be an example of which amendment? __________________________
3. The first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution are known as the _________________________________.
4. Where can the basic rights of all Americans be found? ______________________________________
5. What are your responsibilities as a citizen?

  1. ______________________________________________________

  2. ______________________________________________________

  3. ______________________________________________________

  4. ______________________________________________________

  5. ______________________________________________________

6. ____________________ led the raid on Harpers Ferry. Why did he do this? ________________________


7. ____________________________ wrote a book about slavery. This book is called ___________________________.

How did this book influence the tensions between the North and the South? __________________________________


8. _____________________ and states’ rights were the two main causes of the Civil War. States’ Rights are when the _______________ have more power than the _________________ government.
9. Many slaves escaped because slavery was __________________ in the North.
10. The Civil War began at _____________________________.
11. Sherman’s _________to the ___________ is where he and his troops marched from Atlanta to ________________ destroying everything in their path that could help the south win the war.
12. Gettysburg is the _______________________________________________________________________________.
13. General Lee surrendered to General _____________________ at ________________________________________.
14. Which battle cut all of the supply routes off to the south and ended with Atlanta being burnt? _________________________________________________
15. The north is also called the _____________________________________.
16. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and South Carolina all formed the _____________________________________________. This is another name for the south.

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