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2012 Older Adult Month

Church of the Brethren Older Adult Ministry


INVOCATION (in unison)

God of our changing world,

Open us to your presence as we gather to worship. Quiet our busy minds and restless bodies so we can hear your transforming Word. Fill us with passion and purpose for your work. Touch our hearts as we dedicate this time, and our lives, to you. Amen

Kim Ebersole

Sisters and brothers in Christ, welcome! Our lives are filled with many turning points, seasons, crises, and transformations. The old passes into new beginnings. There is never a time in our lives that we are not aging. We grow, we live, and we grow again. As Christians we know God’s love is always at work in us.

Today we celebrate Older Adult Month—whether we are the older adult, in middle adulthood, or are approaching adulthood. Let us celebrate time passing and time beginning anew as we seek to age with passion and purpose.

One: In a changing world, we gather to give witness to the power of the Spirit’s

undergirding presence in our lives.

All: May this worship be a time to affirm that life is a gift, that the gift is good, and that it comes from God.

One: In a changing world, we hear God calling us anew to follow Jesus with

purpose and passion.

All: May this worship challenge us to open our ears, hearts, and lives to the

Spirit of Life which makes all things new.

Deanna Brown


Brothers and sisters, prevent life from being a mere history lesson. Reminisce, laugh, weep, and pursue the fullness of life into which Christ leads us. He is the “pioneer and the perfecter of our faith.” He is “the Alpha and Omega.” Christ dwells within us – the beginnings, the endings, and the vast expanse of “in between.” This is good news!

Guy E. Wampler, Jr.

Aging with Passion and Purpose
Church of the Brethren 2012 Older Adult Month

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