World war two interactive timeline project

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In this project you will create an interactive timeline which should include relevant graphics and video content for key events in WWII. We will divide up the contents into the following six groups for research. Each group will contribute a Prezi timeline for their topic. All groups are to use this Prezi as a guide for the background and Title info. We want to be uniform even though we’re doing separate Prezis. Remember once you have created your Prezi to share to with editing rights.
Group One: Significant events pre-WWII (from Hitler becoming Chancellor in 1933) – Invasion of Poland
Group Two: 1940
Group Three: 1941
Group Four: 1942
Group Five: 1943
Group Six: 1944-Japanese Surrender
Each event should include the following:
When (date)

Who participated

What happened? (Significance to WWII)

Image/Video for enhanced learning (try to keep videos around 5 – 10 minutes if possible. You can insert YouTube videos – make sure they are legitimate and appropriate for school-Watch through the whole video before using it!)

If you are not familiar with Prezi, there are many tutorials accessible online. We will be using the Prezi Rubric provided on the class website.
I think you will find that you will learn a lot from this assignment. Remember, you’re trying to teach others by doing this so make it good! Have fun!

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