World War II key Terms and Events Assignment (Chapter 28) Define each of the following terms and

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World War II Key Terms and Events Assignment

(Chapter 28)

  1. Define each of the following terms and explain how they relate to World War II.

    1. isolationism

    2. appeasement

    3. Fascism

    4. Totalitarianism

  1. Place the following events in chronological order (list the date) and then identify/describe each one.

- Munich Conference

- Hiroshima and Nagasaki

- Lend-lease Act

- Normandy invasion

- Yalta Conference

- Potsdam Conference

- Soviet victory at Stalingrad

- Battle of Midway

- U.S. entrance into the war (Pearl Harbor)
Directory: cms -> lib -> NC01001395 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 648 -> Files -> WORLD%20HISTORY
Domain -> Heart of Darkness
Domain -> Directions: You may download these questions from my website and simply type your answers in the color of your choice, with a name and color legend. Section I
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WORLD%20HISTORY -> Review of the big ideas from this unit. 2 They are designed to help you practice answering "constructed response" questions
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WORLD%20HISTORY -> Revolutions: Causes and Consequences of the American and French Revolutions

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