World War II interactive Web Quest

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World War II Interactive Web Quest
Political and economic instability in Europe led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. By the late-1930s Europe was, once again, engulfed in conflict as Germany’s war machine began to overwhelm the entire continent. The following interactive Web Quest explores various features of the Second World War, from Germany’s expansion in the mid-1930s to the final days of the conflict. You will examine several interactive activities, videos, articles, and images as you complete this Web Quest. Follow the instructions and complete each activity or task as you proceed through the Web Quest. Have fun and good luck!
Nazi Expansion

Click this link:

This is an interactive activity that explores WWII in three regions: North America, Europe/Africa, and Asia.
Click to explore “Europe and Africa,” then click on the box near the bottom that reads “Nazi Expansion.”

Read the first paragraph of the article.

  1. Why did Hitler wish to expand his empire? When did Great Britain & France declare war against Germany, and why?

  1. What does Lebensraum mean in English?

  1. In Hitlers book “Mein Kamph” what does he identify as his twin goals that would motivate his foreign and domestic policy

  1. What treaty imposed restrictions on Germany from World War 1?

  1. What did the Rhineland Serve as?

Scroll down to Poland and the outbreak ( middle of the paragraph)

  1. When Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 how did France and Great Britain respond?

  1. Examine the pictures from the Nazi invasion. How did the German People respond to the Nazi’s.

  1. Describe the picture of the Warsaw Ghetto?

  1. Then examine the map depicting the Nazi occupation of Europe.
    As you watch the simulation, list the regions of Europe invaded by Nazi Germany from 1936 through 1941.

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