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Non-Fiction Books: (We have an extensive collection of World War II books including the following examples.)

World War II: Primary Sources 940.53 BIG

World War II: Biographies (2 volumes) 940.53 HOW

World War II: Almanac (2 volumes) 940.53 FEL

Strategic Battles in Europe 940.53

Strategic Battles in the Pacific 940.5426 RIC

The Holocaust 940.53 HOL

Kristallnacht 940.53 MAR

Remember World War II 940.53 NIC

Timelines World War II 940.53 HAR

Life in a Nazi Concentration Camp 940.53 NAR

Navajo Code Talkers 940.54 AAS

The Battle of Britain 940.54 ALL

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor in American History 940.54 ANT

Flags of Our Fathers 940.54 BRA

The Attack on Pearl Harbor 940.54 BUR

Hiroshima 940.54 BUR

American Women Pilots of World War II 940.54 DON

D-Day and the Liberation of France 940.54 DAV

D-Day 940.54 D

The Attack on Pearl Harbor 940.54 DAV

Left for Dead 940.54 NEL

American Women Spies of World War II 940.54 PAY

Reporting World War II (2 parts) 940.54 REP

Letters from the Homefront: World War II 940.54 SCH

Ghosts in the Fog 940.54 SEI

The Japanese American Internment 950.53 HEI

The SS: Hitler’s Instrument of Terror 940.54 WIL


Churchill 92 CHU

Hirohito: Behind the Myth 92 HIR

Jazz Cleopatra: Josephine Baker (discusses her work in the French Resistance) 92 BAK

I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree: A Memoir of a Schindler’s List Survivor 92 HIL

Hitler 92 HIT

Joseph Stalin 92 STA

Benito Mussolini 92 MUS

Margaret Bourke-White (Life photographer and correspondent during World War II) 92 BOU

The Greatest of Friends: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill 1941-45 920 ALL

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives 920 BUL

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