World War II – Foran’s Electronic Resources Databases and e-books

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World War II – Foran’s Electronic Resources

Databases and E-Books: (ask Mrs. Pellegrino for usernames/passwords – all have the typical Foran username/password except for Grolier, Discovery Education Streaming, and iCONN)

  1. Grolier

**from inside the database articles, click on links for additional quality websites and periodical articles about your topic.**

  1. Marshall Cavendish

** Marshall Cavendish contains textual information as well as many visuals. Please note that you need to advance to additional pages in each article at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Salem History platform: includes the databases Great Events From History, Great Lives from History, Weapons & Warfare

  2. SIRS Decades Click on “1940s” link and topics will appear on left including Japanese-American Internment; World War II: Foreign Policy; World War II: Home Front; World War II: Land, Air and Sea; World War II: Returning Soldiers

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