World War I to Great Depression

Objective of Assaulting Army

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Objective of Assaulting Army

Advance across “no-man’s-land” and capture the enemy trenches.

Capture the enemy’s flag (A or B) to show that you have captured the trench.
Rules for Assaulting Army

  1. Follow your General’s orders. You will be shot if you do not follow orders.

  2. The General’s orders are:

    1. to start the artillery barrage

    2. for you to go to the “firing trench” by saying “to your posts

    3. to cease the artillery barrage

    4. to start the assault by saying “over the top

  3. To assault, crawl through the spaces in between the desks, cross “no-mans-land,” and defeat the enemy by securing their flag.

  4. You cannot fire until you are in “no-mans-land.”

  5. If you do not leave the trench you will be considered a coward and will be shot by your own General. Therefore, the only chance you have at surviving is to safely cross “no-mans-land” and take the enemy’s trench.

      1. Infantrymen:

          1. Everyone but artillerymen and the General are infantrymen.

          2. You each get 3 balls of paper as ammunition to throw at the enemy.

  6. Machine Gunners:

    1. You can use 1 box of 30 paper balls for ammunition.

    2. You can only fire as a machine gun in DEFENSE. However, you can act like any other infantryman when your team is attacking.

  7. Artillerists:

    1. You may only fire when ordered to by your General.

    2. Use the boxes with the large balls as ammunition.

    3. The General will tell you to “cease fire” just before the assault commences.

      1. Casualties: If you are hit with a paper ball, you become a casualty and must lie down until the assault is over.

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