World War I to Great Depression

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Book V: World War I to Great Depression

Unit 1: World War I

Lesson 2: Trench Warfare
Topic Overview:
Word War I ushered in a new era of warfare. Major developments in strategy, tactics, weapons, and technology changed the way wars would be fought in the future. Germany used these new developments to advance to within thirty miles of Paris by September 1914. It seemed as though the Schlieffen Plan to subdue France would be successful. However, a combined British and French force stopped this advance at the First Battle of the Marne. They pushed the Germans back nearly sixty miles. At that point both sides dug into defensive positions. Nearly 500 miles of trenches stretched from Switzerland to the North Sea. Fighting on the Western Front in France had become a stalemate and both sides began to face a war of attrition.
Activity Overview:
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