World War I 1920’s through the Great Depression World War II review World War I

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World War II

  1. After World War I, Europe saw the rise of a number of dictators, like Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler. The world wide Great Depression created conditions that allowed these leaders to come to power. These leaders promised prosperity and greatness to the countrymen.

  1. The leaders created Fascist states. Fascism is a political system that is founded on extreme nationalism, a building of the military, and complete loyalty to the country’s leader.

  1. In 1931, without the approval of the Japanese government, the Japanese army invaded the northern Chinese territory of Manchuria.

  1. Japan saw militants take control of their government in 1936. These Military leaders believed Japan needed more land and resources to grow.

  1. In 1935, Congress passed the

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