World War I 1920’s through the Great Depression World War II review World War I

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World War I

1920’s through the Great Depression

World War II

World War I

  1. Causes of World War I – M.A.I.N.

  2. M - Militarism - the glorification, or build up and praise, of a nation's military. This is often in reaction to other nation's build up of their military

  3. A - Alliances - Support by one country for another. Problems between two nations quickly involve other nations.

  4. I - Imperialism - As countries secured territories for resources and trade, it increased tension with other nations.

  5. N - Nationalism - Pride in one's nation. This increased tensions between regions in Europe.

  6. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by-Serbian nationalist.

  7. Because of alliances, more than 20 nations were instantly drawn into war!

  8. Heeding President Washington's advice, the United States remained neutral. President Wilson believed involving the United States would have a negative impact on American lives and the American economy.

  9. In May 1915, a German submarine, or U-boat, sank a British cruise ship, the Lusitania. 128 Americans were killed in the attack. This began to sway the American public into entering the war.

  10. German continued to attack American ships supplying Great Britain with supplies. These actions increased American hostility towards Germany and the war.

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