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European communities export competition (G/AG/NG/W/34)

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European communities export competition (G/AG/NG/W/34)
Colombia shares the European Communities' concern over the absence of disciplines to eliminate subsidies in the form of export credits, state trading enterprises and the use of food aid.
We also agree that it is discriminatory to apply disciplines to export subsidies while refraining from doing so for the other measures.
However, Colombia reiterates the arguments made by the Cairns Group in its proposal on export subsidies that such subsidies are the most trade-distorting form of support with regard to agricultural products and as such should be eliminated. It is no accident that they are the only export support measures that are subject to disciplines.
Treating the effects on agricultural trade of export subsidies and export credits on a common footing should neither detract from the discussion on the elimination of subsidies, nor prevent the development of disciplines for credits.
Indeed, while we agree on the need to develop disciplines for export credits, we believe that such disciplines should be negotiated in the WTO and not in any other forum, since it would be unfair and inequitable to adopt disciplines resulting from negotiations in which the majority of the Members of this Organization have not taken part.

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