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An Outline of Roman Government during the Republic

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An Outline of Roman Government during the Republic:

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

The two leaders of the executive branch, the consuls, were elected for just one year by the upper class. They supervised the Senate and ordered the Roman army during wars. Other members of the executive branch were the tax collectors, mayors, city police, and other people in positions of power in cities.

The most powerful part of the legislative branch was the Senate. The Senate was a group of about 300 male citizens who owned land. They could tell the consuls how much money they could spend and on what. These men were appointed by the consuls.

The judicial branch had six judges who were elected every two years. They were in charge of deciding punishments that criminals would receive. Their job was similar to the job that judges have today in the United States.

A. According to Document 1, what form of government did early Rome have? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________B. How was the Roman system of government organized? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Document 2
Roman Law - The Twelve Tables

The following document dates from the early Roman Republic (c. 449 BCE). Covering both civil and criminal matters, it was inscribed on large bronze plaques for all to see.

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