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World Studies HH: Homework Sheet


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Thursday, 2/25

Ideas of Absolutism – first Absolute rulers

390-391 (up to Absolutism in France)

A. 2 FQRs.

B. Define the following terms in your own words: absolutism, sovereignty,

divine right of kings, monarch, autonomy.

C. Read the quote by Thomas Hobbes (the “Leviathan,” at the bottom of pg 391 next to the drawing). Then answer in 4-5 sentences: how does Hobbes justify a king having total power over his subjects?

Tues, 3/2

Friday, 2/26

Russian rulers

Absolutism in Russia – 393 – 395 (until Ab in Germany)

A. 2 FQRs.

B. Define the following terms in your own words: czar, westernization.

C. Defend or refute the following statement: “Peter the Great’s trip to Europe had no effect on the way he governed Russia.” Please give specific examples to support.

Tues, 3/2

Monday, 3/1

No school- Pulaski

Tuesday, 3/2 HW due today

Absolutism in France – Louis 14th

Absolutism in France – 391 – 393

A. 2 FQRs

B. In one sentence each, describe the importance of the following people to the reign of Louis 14th- how did they help Louis the 14th consolidate his power: Cardinal Mazarin, Cardinal Richelieu, Huguenots.

Thursday, 3/4

Wednesday, 3/3

Louis 14th and Versailles Powerpoint


C. Answer question 4 on page 397 in 4-5 sentences.

D. What two policies caused the most economic damage to France? Please explain why in 4-5 sentences.

Thursday, 3/4

Thursday, 3/4

Stuart Dynasty and English Civil War

English Challenge to Absolutism 395-396

B. Describe the political importance of the following people (policies, ideas):

Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell.

C. Compare and contrast the Tudor’s relationship with Parliament with that of the Stuart dynasty using a Venn diagram with at least 3 ideas in each section

Thursday, 3/4

Friday, 3/5

HW due today

Cromwell’s protectorate


A. 1 FQR.

B. Define the following terms in your own words: Glorious Revolution, English Bill of Rights, constitutional monarchy.

C. Answer questions 1 and 2 on page 397.

D. Draw a family tree of the English monarchs from Henry VIII through William and Mary – be sure to code them based on religion (examples, Catholics written in green, Protestants in orange…)

Tues, 3/9

Mon, 3/8

Glorious Revolution


Work on study guide

Tues, 3/9

Tues, 3/9

Short answer test on absolutism.

Study Guide Due today

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