World studies (Geography and World Civilizations) disclosure document

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WORLD STUDIES (Geography and World Civilizations) DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT

Summary of Grading and Requirements for Mrs. Davis’ Ninth Grade Social Studies

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Philosophy Statement

"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who, of themselves, are able to give purpose and direction to their lives."

-Rudolph Steiner

FEES -None at present

  1. General Course Information

I General Course Information

  1. Course Objectives and Description

The purpose of this class is to study and understand sustainable development through the physical, historical, and cultural in components of our world and its societies. Relationships between people, places, environments, and their impact on world cultures and events will be explored. We are currently working with staff from Brigham Young University’s David M. Kennedy Center who provides assistance for Lakeridge’s annual Model United Nations Conference. Geography has been defined as The Whyness of Whereness. We will begin our study of the world by focusing on the Five Themes of Geography and local physical and human geographical phenomena. Then we will apply the Geographic Perspective on diverse countries and regions of the world.
World Civilizations will be an exploration into the Whyness of Wheness. We begin second semester by exploring the religions, their places of origin, beliefs, and their place in history. We will study early civilizations, Classical Eastern and Western civilizations, Twentieth Century History and Globalization.

  1. Class Materials

1. Textbook: World Geography & World History, Glencoe Publisher

2. Students will need to bring the following materials to class DAILY

a. 3-ring binder (at least 1 inch) ruled paper and 6 dividers

1.) Class Information, including this document.

2.) Self-Starts

3.) Class Notes

4.) Current Assignments

5.) Corrected Assignments

6.) Model United Nations (MUN)

b. Black or Blue ink pen

c. Colored pencils (not markers nor crayons)

3. You will need your textbook on occasion during class. I will tell you beforehand.

  1. Grading Policies: Grades will be assigned using the following criteria:

1. Assignments, including homework, projects, reports

These assignments are probably the most important part of the student’s education. It is crucial that each student attends class regularly and keeps up with the assigned workload so as not to fall behind the class or miss assignments. Homework and written assignments must be completed by the next class period for correction unless told otherwise.

2. Assessments As a result of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation, students who do not master the major

World Geography/Civilizations concepts, as reflected by their test scores, are considered to be in

need of remediation (so as not to be “left behind”) In order to reach “Mastery”, a student must

score 80 % or better on the common assessments. These common assessments can be found on

the Quia Geography-World Civ Website.Students are strongly encouraged to come before or after

school for any extra help.

3. Participation

Students will be graded on their participation in class including group work, individual assignments, and class discussion. They will also be graded on courtesy in the classroom.

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