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China Bibliography November 2006

The practical encyclopedia of Feng Shui : understanding the ancient art of placement

[Book] 133.33 HAL Hale, Gill. Published 2003


World religions

[Book] 291 HAT Hattstein, Markus


Practical Buddhism

[Book] 294.3 LUK Lu, K?uan Yü, 1898- Published 1973
  The sayings of Confucius.

[Book] 299 SAY Published 1994
  The complete I Ching : the definitive translation

[Book] 299.512 HUA by the Taoist Master Alfred Huang. Published 1998


Women in society. China

[Book] 305.420951 TAN Tan, Pamela, 1930- Published 1993


Chinese women of America : a pictorial history

[Book] 305.4889 YUN Yung, Judy. Published 1986


The Chinese in America.

[Book] 325.251 JON Jones, Claire. Published 1972
  The Sino-Soviet territorial dispute

[Book] 327.47 AN, An, Tai Sung, 1931- Published 1973
  China and U.S. Far East policy, 1945-1967

[Book] 327.51 CON Congressional Quarterly, inc. Published 1967
  China enters the United Nations; a new era begins for the world organization

[Book] 341.23 POO Poole, Peter A. Published 1974


Door to Chinese festivals, feasts, fortunes

[Book] 394.0951 JON Jones, Anita W. Published 1971
  Chines fables and wisdom insights for better living

[Book] 398.20951 MA Ma, Tom Te-Wu Published 1997


The rainbow people

[Book] 398.20951 YEP Yep, Laurence, 1948- Published 1989
  Tongues of jade

[Book] 398.20951 YEP Yep, Laurence, 1948- Published 1991


China's threatened wildlife

[Book] 599.0042 LAI Laidler, Liz. Published 1996
  Chinese folk medicine

[Book] 615.89 WAL Wallnöfer, Heinrich. Published 1965
  An Encyclopedia of Chinese food and cooking

[Book] 641.5951 CHA [by] Wonona W. Chang [and others] Edited by Lillian

G. Kutscher. Charlotte Adams, consulting editor. Published 1970


Joyce Chen cook book

[Book] 641.5951 CHE Chen, Joyce. Published 1962


The Chinese cookbook

[Book] 641.5951 CLA Claiborne, Craig. Published 1972
  The cooking of China

[Book] 641.5951 HAH Hahn, Emily, 1905- Published 1968
  The Chinese menu cookbook : including an introductory course in Chinese cooking

[Book] 641.5951 HUS Hush, Joanne. Published 1976


Asiatic art in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

[Book] 709.507 MUS Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Published 1982


Art treasures of the Peking Museum

[Book] 709.51 FOU Fourcade, François. Published 1965
Chinese art.

[Book] 709.51 MAC MacKenzie, Finlay. Published 1968
The arts of China

[Book] 709.51 MUS Munsterberg, Hugo, 1916- Published 1989
Art of the Houma foundry

[Book] 709.51 XIA Institute of Archaeology of Shanxi Province
China, a history in art

[Book] 709.52 SMI Smith, Bradley. Published 1979


Along the ancient silk routes : Central Asian art from the West Berlin State

Museums : an exhibition lent by the Museum für Indische Kunst, Staatliche

[Book] 709.58 MET Härtel, Herbert. Published 1982


Maya Lin : architect and artist

[Book] 720.92 MAL Malone, Mary. Published 1995
  I.M. Pei : a profile in American architecture

[Book] 720.92 WIS Wiseman, Carter. Published 1990
 Chinese ivory sculpture

[Book] 736.62 COX Cox, W. E, 1895- Published 1946


Kaikan kinen meihin ten = Commemorative exhibition for the opening

[Book] 738.209 TOG [hensh? Toguri Bijutsukan]. Published 1987
Silken Threads: a history of embroidery in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam

[Book] 746.44 CHUChung, Young Yang


Way of the brush painting techniques of China and Japan

[Book] 751.425 BRI Briessen, Fritz van Published 1998


Oriental painting course : a structured, practical guide to the painting skills and techniques

of China and the Far East

[Book] 751.425 WAN Wang, Jianan, 1955- Published 2001


An introduction to Chinese brush painting technique, light, color, composition, style

[Book] 751.4251 CHE Cherrett, Pauline Published 1994


Chinese painting techniques for exquisite watercolors

[Book] 751.4251 ZHE Zhen, Lian Quan, 1957- Published 2000


Chinese painting

[Book] 759.951 BUS Bussagli, Mario. Published 1969


Chinese painting

[Book] 759.951 CAH Cahill, James, 1926- Published 1977


Chinese painting

[Book] 759.951 COH Cohn, William, 1880-1961. Published 1978


The art of Wen Cheng-ming (1470-1559)

[Book] 759.951 EDW Edwards, Richard, 1916- Published 1976


Li Kung-lin's Classic of filial piety

[Book] 759.951 KUN Barnhart, Richard M, 1934- Published 1993


Eighteen songs of a nomad flute: the story of Lady Wen-chi : a fourteenth-century handscroll

in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

[Book] 759.951 MET Introd., commentary, and translation of poems by Robert A.

Rorex and Wen Fong. Published 1974


Principles of Chinese painting

[Book] 759.951 ROW Rowley, George. Published 1959
Principles of Chinese painting

[Book] 759.951 ROW Rowley, George. Published 1947
Chinese painting and calligraphy : a pictorial survey : 69 fine examples from the John M.

Crawford, Jr., Collection

[Book] 759.951 WEN [text and photography by] Wan-go Weng ; with a pref. by

Thomas Lawton. Published 1978


A map of the East

[Book] 779.995 RUB Rubinfien, Leo. Published 1992


All under heaven : the Chinese world

[Book] 779.9951 POR Porter, Eliot, 1901- Published 1983


Jade flute : the story of Chinese music

[Book] 781.751 LAI Lai, T. C. Published 1985
The theatre in Asia

[Book] 792.095 SCO Scott, A. C. (Adolphe Clarence), 1909- Published 1973


Into thin air : a personal account of the Mount Everest disaster

[Book] 796.522 KRA Krakauer, Jon. Published 1998


American dragons : twenty-five Asian American voices

[Book] 810.80895 AME edited by Laurence Yep. Published 1993


Asian American literature : a brief introduction and anthology

[Book] 810.80895 ASI [edited by] Shawn Wong. Published 1996


The Big aiiieeeee! : an anthology of Chinese American and Japanese American literature

[Book] 810.80895 BIG edited by Jeffery Paul Chan ... [et al.]. Published 1991


Pearl Buck

[Book] 813.52 LAF La Farge, Ann. Published 1988


War trash : a novel

[Book] 813.54 JIN Jin, Ha, 1956- Published 2005


The odyssey of a Manchurian

[Book] 813.54 YAN Yang, Belle. Published 1996


Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress

[Book] 843.92 SIJ Dai, Sijie, 1954- Published 2002


Women poets of China

[Book] 895.1REX translated and edited by Kenneth Rexroth & Ling Chung. Published



Seeds of fire : Chinese voices of conscience

[Book] 895.1 SEE edited by Geremie Barmé and John Minford. Published 1988


Moment of wonder : a collection of Chinese and Japanese poetry

[Book] 895.11 MOM illustrated with paintings ; edited by Richard Lewis. Published



Our Oriental heritage

[Book] 909 DUR Durant, William James 1885-1981 Published 1963


Why geography matters : three challenges facing America: climate change, the rise of china

and global terrorism

[Book] 909.83 DEB DeBlij, Harm. Published 2005


The heartland of Asia

[Book] 910.9 ENC Ettinger, Nathalie Published 1971


Lands of spice & treasure

[Book] 910.9 ENC Napier, William Published 1971


China unknown

[Book] 915.1 BON introduction by David Bonavia. Published 1985



[Book] 915.1 BON Bonavia, David, 1940- Published 1978
The essence of Chinese culture

[Book] 915.1 CHA Chang, Chì-yun. Published 1957



[Book] 915.1 CHI [editor, Vandana Mohindra]. Published 2005


The Forbidden City

[Book] 915.1 MAC MacFarquhar, Roderick. Published 1972


The river at the center of the world: a journey up the Yangtze and Back in Chinese time

[Book] 915.1 WIN Winchester, Simon. Published 1996


China diary

[Book] 915.104 SPE Spender, Stephen, 1909- Published 1982


River town : two years on the Yangtze

[Book] 915.138 HES Hessler, Peter, 1969- Published 2001


Freedom in exile : the autobiography of the Dalai Lama

[Book] 921 BST Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935- Published 1990


Commander of the Flying Tigers : Claire Lee Chennault

[Book] 921 CHE Archibald, Joe, 1898- Published 1966


Hostage in Peking.

[Book] 921 GRE Grey, Anthony. Published 1971


Michelle Kwan, heart of a champion : an autobiography

[Book] 921 KWA Kwan, Michelle, 1980- Published 1997


Mao Zedong

[Book] 921 MAO Garza, Hedda. Published 1988


Yao : a life in two worlds

[Book] 921 MIN Yao, Ming, 1980- Published 2004
 A student's guide to Chinese American genealogy

[Book] 929.1089 SHE She, Colleen. Published 1996


Dragon bones in the yellow earth

[Book] 930.1 CRU Crump, J. I. (James Irving), 1921- Published 1963


Augustus Caesar's world, a story of ideas and events from B.C. 44 to 14 A.D.

[Book] 937.07 FOS Foster, Genevieve, 1893- Published 1947


China, Burma, India

[Book] 940.5425 MOS Moser, Don. Published 1978


Travels of Marco Polo (the Venetian)

[Book] 950.2 POL Polo, Marco, 1254-1323


Khubilai Khan : his life and times

[Book] 950.2092 ROS Rossabi, Morris. Published 1988


Rise of the Asian superpowers from 1945

[Book] 950.4 DEL De Lee, Nigel. Published 1987


The Chinese looking glass

[Book] 951 BLO Bloodworth, Dennis. Published 1967


China : a new history

[Book] 951 FAI Fairbank, John King, 1907-1991. Published 2006



[Book] 951 FER Ferroa, Peggy Grace, 1959- Published 1996


The world of ancient China

[Book] 951 GRO Grosier, J. B. Published 1972
Oracle Bones : a journey between China’s past & present

[Book] 951 HESHessler, Peter. 1969-


China : adventures in eyewitness history

[Book] 951 HOF [Rhoda Hoff]. Published 1965
  The Horizon history of China

[Book] 951 HOR Fitzgerald, C. P. (Charles Patrick), 1902- Published 1969


Chinese people and Chinese culture.

[Book] 951 HUA Published 1973


The tyranny of history : the roots of China's crisis

[Book] 951 JEN Jenner, W. J. F. (William John Francis) Published 1992


Tibet : disputed land

[Book] 951 KIZ Kizilos, Peter. Published 2000


The ageless Chinese; a history

[Book] 951 LID Li, Dun Jen, 1920- Published 1971


The complete history of China

[Book] 951 ROB Roberts, J. A. G., 1935- Published 2003



[Book] 951 WHI Whiteford, Gary T., 1941- Published 2003


Sources of Chinese tradition

[Book] 951.0082 DEB De Bary, William Theodore, 1918- ed. Published 1960


Ancient China

[Book] 951.01 SCH Schafer, Edward H. Published 1967


The Great Wall

[Book] 951.026 ZEW texts by Luo Zewen ... [et al.] ; foreword by

Jacques Gernet ; designed by Emil Bührer. Published 1981
The Opium War in China: 1840-1842; the British resort to war in order to maintain their

opium trade.

[Book] 951.033 MCK McKown, Robin. Published 1974


The Soong sisters

[Book] 951.04 EUN Eunson, Roby. Published 1975


Stilwell and the American experience in China, 1911-45

[Book] 951.04 TUC Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim. Published 1970


The military history of the Chinese Civil War

[Book] 951.042 DUP Dupuy, Trevor Nevitt, 1916- Published 1969


Mao Tse-tung : a guide to his thought

[Book] 951.05 BOU Bouc, Alain. Published 1977


To China and back

[Book] 951.05 BRE Bredsdorff, Jan. Published 1980


China at the crossroads

[Book] 951.05 CHI edited by Donald Altschiller. Published 1994


China : from the Long March to Tiananmen Square

[Book] 951.05 CHI by the writers and photographers of the Associated Press ;

foreword by Harrison Salisbury. Published 1990


Mao Tse-tung; the man who conquered China.

[Book] 951.05 EUN Eunson, Roby. Published 1973


Mao : a life

[Book] 951.05 SHO Short, Philip. Published 2001


The long revolution.

[Book] 951.05 SNO Snow, Edgar, 1905-1972. Published 1973


800,000,000: the real China.

[Book] 951.05 TER Terrill, Ross. Published 1972


Chinese lives : an oral history of contemporary China

[Book] 951.05 XIN Chang, Hsin-hsin, 1953- Published 1987
 The white-boned demon : a biography of Madame Mao Zedong

[Book] 951.0509 TER Terrill, Ross. Published 1984
 Red scarf girl : a memoir of the Cultural Revolution

[Book] 951.056 JIA Jiang, Ji-li. Published 2004


Red scarf girl : a memoir of the Cultural Revolution

[Book] 951.056 JIA Jiang, Ji-li. Published 1997


Son of the Revolution

[Book] 951.056 LIA Liang, Heng, 1954- Published 1983


Iron & silk

[Book] 951.056 SAL Salzman, Mark. Published 1990


Emerging China

[Book] 951.057 DRA edited by Thomas Draper. Published 1980



[Book] 951.058 CHI by the editors of Time-Life Books. Published 1986


Beijing spring

[Book] 951.058 LIU Turnley, David C. Published 1989
  Chaos under heaven : the shocking story of China's search for democracy

[Book] 951.058 THO Thomas, Gordon. Published 1991
Dragon Rising: an inside look at China today

[Book] 951.06Becker, Jasper

[Book] 951.06 CHI edited by Dimitri Cavalli. Published 2002



[Book] 951.249 MOI Moiz, Azra, 1963- Published 1995


The Republic of China marching toward the 21st century

[Book] 951.249 REP Published 1991


Pearl from the Orient made in Hong Kong

[Book] 951.25 MIL Miller, Marjory Barnett Published 2001


The fate of Hong Kong

[Book] 951.25 SEG Segal, Gerald, 1953- Published 1993


Crossroads in Korea; the historic siege of Chipyong-ni,

[eBook] 951.904 FEH Fehrenbach, T. R. Published 1966


To the Yalu : from the Chinese invasion of Korea to MacArthur's dismissal.

[Book] 951.904 MCG McGovern, James. Published 1972


Asian Americans : oral histories of first to fourth generation Americans from China, the

Philippines, Japan, India, the Pacific Islands, Vietnam and C

[Book] 973.0495 LEE Lee, Joann Faung Jean, 1950- Published 1992


Fusang, the Chinese who built America

[Book] 973.0495 STE Steiner, Stan. Published 1979


Maya Lin : a strong clear vision.

[Video] DVD 720.92 MAYPublished 1994


The good earth

[Book] FIC BUC Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973. Published 1949
 Eat a bowl of tea

[Book] FIC CHU Chu, Louis, 1915- Published 1995
James Clavell's Tai-Pan : a novel of Hong Kong.

[Book] FIC CLA Clavell, James. Published 1986


The China card : a novel

[Book] FIC EHR Ehrlichman, John. Published 1986
Last refuge

[Book] FIC SCA Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. Published 1992
The hundred secret senses

[Book] FIC TAN Tan, Amy. Published 1996


The Joy Luck Club

[Book] FIC TAN Tan, Amy. Published 1989
The kitchen god's wife

[Book] FIC TAN Tan, Amy. Published 1991


The Samurai's garden

[Book] FIC TSU Tsukiyama, Gail. Published 1995
Dragon's gate

[Book] FIC YEP Yep, Laurence, 1948- Published 1993


[Book] FIC YEP Yep, Laurence, 1948- Published 1975
Mountain light

[Book] FIC YEP Yep, Laurence, 1948- Published 1985
Chinese mythology

[Book] REF 299.15 CHR Christie, Anthony. Published 1985



[Book] REF 299.512 HOO Hoobler, Thomas. Published 1993
Shi dai Han Yin ci dian : STP Chinese-English dictionary

[Book] REF 495.1 STP Beijing wai guo yu xue yuan Ying yu xi "Han Ying ci dian"

bian xie zu bian ; Lian bang chu ban she ci dian zu gai bian. Published 1988



[Book] REF 909 GLO Ogden, Suzanne Published 1989
China a provincial atlas

[Book] REF 912.51 HSI Hsieh, Chiao-Min Published 1995


The Cambridge illustrated history of China

[Book] REF 951 EBR Ebrey, Patricia Buckley, 1947- Published 1996


Reference library of Asian America another contribution to diversity

[Book] REF 973.049 REF edited by Susan Gall and Marie Natividad Published 1995


The Serenity of whiteness : stories by and about women in contemporary China

[Book] SC SER [selected and] translated by Zhu Hong. Published 1992
Chinese Americans : (videorecording).

[Video] VHS 325.73 CHI Published 1993


Carved in Silence.

[Video] VHS 370.19 CAR


The Haircut.

[Video] VHS 370.19 HAI Published 1988


Made in China a search for roots [videorecording]

[Video] VHS 370.19 MAD producer and director, Lisa Hsia. Published 1985


Small Happiness

[Video] VHS 370.19 SMA  Published 1990


China, a curtain raiser

[Video] VHS 915.1 CHI produced by Highlight International Film Productions, Ltd.

Published 1987


Discovering China & Tibet

[Video] VHS 915.31 CHI Published 1988


Confucius words of wisdom

[Video] VHS 921 CON Published 1996


China dynasties of power [videorecording]

[Video] VHS 931 CHI Published 1995


Tibet the end of time [videorecording]

[Video] VHS 931 TIB Published 1995
China beyond the clouds [videorecording]

[Video] VHS 951 CHI Published 1994


Changing Faces of Communism Cuba

[Video] VHS 972.91 CHA Published 1990


Mao and China; from revolution to revolution.

[Book] Karnow, Stanley. Published 1972

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