World History-Unit 6 Review Nationalism and The Industrial Revolution

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World History-Unit 6 Review

Nationalism and The Industrial Revolution

  1. In the 1800’s, how did the unification of Italy and Germany impact Europe?

Upset the balance of power in Europe

  1. Why did Germany and Italy unify in the 1800’s?

Rise of Nationalism

  1. Define Cottage Industry.

Work is done from home

  1. Define Monopoly.

One company controls an industry (Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company is a great example)

  1. Why were labor unions created?

More money, safer working conditions, less hours

  1. What did the Factory Acts do?

Set age limits, max hours, and banned kids and women from mines

  1. Define Kaiser.

Title taken by Bismarck after he unified Germany

  1. Unifying Germany and Italy led to what?

Upsetting and shifting the balance of power in Europe

  1. Define Nationalism.

Intense pride in your country

  1. A major result of the Industrial Revolution was?

Increased the size, power, and influence of the middle class

  1. How and where did the Industrial Revolution start?

How-one reason was better farming techniques led to population boom and Where-Britain’s textile industry

  1. How did new farming techniques contribute to the start of the Industrial Revolution?

More food led to population boom

  1. What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on cities and the working middle class?

Workers moved off farms into cities and greatly increased the size of the middle class

  1. Define Urbanization.

People moving off farms into developing cities

  1. What role did Bessemer play in the Industrial Revolution?

System to create stronger and cheaper steel from iron

  1. Where did the Industrial Revolution spread to after Britain?

France, Italy, Germany, US

  1. Name three positive results of the Industrial Revolution.

Increase in standard of living, more goods available

  1. Name three negative results of the Industrial Revolution.

Child labor, unsafe working conditions

  1. Who unified Italy?

Cavour and Garibaldi

  1. Who unified Germany?

Von Bismarck

  1. Edison invented ____light bulb_________

  1. Bessemer invented ________cheaper steel from iron___

  1. Fulton invented _______steam powered boat engine

  1. Newcomer invented _______steam engine________

  1. Stevenson invented _______steam powered locomotive (The Rocket)______

  1. Define Nationalism.

Pride in one’s country and its independence

  1. Define Industrial Revolution.

Started with new farming methods; caused people to move to cities; middle class grew in size

  1. List characteristics of factory work.

Rigid schedule; 12-16 hour work day; dangerous conditions; monotonous

  1. Labor Unions were formed in response to : ___poor dangerous working conditions and low pay.

  1. Define tenement. Name of the apartment-style housing used during the Industrial Revolution which housed many families

  1. Define capitalism.

A social system based on the principle of individual rights

  1. Define Socialism.

a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies 

  1. Who were Marx and Engles?

Two authors of the “Communist Manifesto”

  1. Define Laissez-faire-

The belief that government should not interfere with the free operation of the eonomy

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