World History Final Review Age of Revolution

Global Depression and World War Two

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Global Depression and World War Two

  1. What started the Great Depression? Stock Market crash of 1929

  2. Who were the Axis powers during WWII? Germany, Italy, Japan

  3. Who led the Soviet Union towards Communism? Stalin

  4. Blitzkrieg – lightening war strategy, used by Germany

  5. Lend-Lease Act – US supplied its allies with tools to fight the war

  6. Was Germany successful attacking the Soviet Union? No, the winter stopped them

  7. What event caused the US to join WWII? The attack on Pearl Harbor

  8. Propaganda – posters and signs that try to convince people of a belief

  9. Concentration Camps – Jews were sent here to die during the Holocaust

  10. What day did Germany surrender? May 7, 1945

  11. What day did Japan surrender? Sep 2, 1945

  12. What dates did the US drop the atomic bombs on the two cities? Be specific. Hiroshima: Aug 6, 1945; Nagasaki: Aug 9, 1945

  13. Albert Einstein – gave new ideas of space, energy, and general science ideas

  14. Kamikaze – Japanese suicide pilots

  15. Sigmund Freud – treated patients with psychological issues

  16. Genocide – killing of a group of people

  17. Fascism – loyalty to the state is the top priority

  18. Non-aggression Pact – German and Soviet agreement not to fight

  19. Benito Mussolini – leader of Italy

  20. Gulags – forced labor camps

  21. Adolf Hitler – leader of Germany

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