World History Final Review Age of Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

  1. Why did the industrial revolution start in England? Large population of workers, natural resources, and political stability

  2. What did James Watt invent? Improved Steam Engine

  3. Which country did Germany model its economy after? England

  4. What did the Factory Act, in England, accomplish? Made it illegal to hire kids under the age of 9

  5. William Wilberforce – leader of the movement to abolish slavery in England

  6. List the five causes of the US Civil War. Sectionalism, States’ Rights, Election of 1860, Slavery, Westward Expansion

  7. Thomas Edison – invented the first successful light bulb

  8. Enclosures – large enclosed farms

  9. Manifest Destiny – idea that the US was destined to expand west

  10. Crop Rotation – growing crops in a different field each year

  11. Capitalism – economic system where the goal is to make a profit

  12. Urbanization – when people move to cities and the city grows in size

  13. Strikes – refusal to work

  14. Imperialism – extending your nations rule to other parts of the world

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