World History Final Review Age of Revolution

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World History Final Review

Age of Revolution

  1. Who paid the taxes, in France, before the French Revolution? 3rd Estate

  2. Why was Marie Antoinette disliked in France? She was from Austria, who were the enemies of France

  3. Why did the people storm the bastille? To get weapons and defend themselves

  4. Name the individuals who led independence movements in Latin America. Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin, Toussaint l’Ouverture

  5. What did Robespierre lead in France? Reign of Terror

  6. What group was formed after the Reign of Terror, which gave Napoleon power? Directory

  7. This country had a bloodless revolution. Brazil

  8. What were the three mistakes of Napoleon? Continental System, Peninsula War, Russian Invasion

  9. Congress of Vienna – restored old regimes to power in Europe

  10. Guillotine – beheading device

  11. Napoleonic Code – laws limiting personal freedoms

  12. Napoleon – Military dictator of France

  13. Coup d’état – overthrowing the government

  14. Louis XVI – weak ruler of France

  15. Marie Antoinette – Louis wife, from Austria, disliked by the French

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