World History Cultural-Historical Project: Who Am I? Due date: One week from today project assignment: Select at least 5 artifacts

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World History

Cultural-Historical Project:  Who Am I?

Due date: One week from today

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT:  Select at least 5 artifacts that tell a story about you and your historical cultural background that you can share with the class. These artifacts can be a picture, document, or an object (a piece of clothing, jewelry, a tool etc.) that represent or symbolize your history, culture, beliefs, traditions, passions, and/or identity. Consider that you will need to bring these artifacts to school (easy transport and non-breakable).

Once you’ve selected your 5 artifacts, please write a brief paragraph for each artifact explaining the significance of your artifact (5 paragraphs total). Explain why you chose each artifact and why it is important in your life. Explain how this artifact represents who you are and your culture. Explain how this artifact symbolizes your life, personality, likes/dislikes, etc.

If possible, choose artifacts that explains/symbolizes something about you and your cultural background that is not obvious. For example, a former student who appeared to be African-American brought an artifact that denoted her Filipino background; another, a “white” male, brought an arrowhead because his grandfather was Native American. We want to learn something about your background that is not readily apparent.

If you cannot find a “hidden” part of your background, teach us something we (your classmates) may not have known about you and your culture.

Requirement: Turn to your family members to learn more about your historical and cultural background. You are required to collaborate at least with one of your family members (or close relative or family friend) to help you identify at least one of the artifacts and to help you write the one paragraph describing the artifact.

If you do not have artifacts to bring from home, copy an appropriate picture from a magazine or book, draw, or download an image from the Internet, etc. Remember, the visual component of this exercise is important. 

You will need to bring the following on presentation day:

  • Your 5 paragraphs (1 paragraph per artifact) neatly written, college ruled.

  • Be prepared to do a 3-5 minute presentation to describe your artifact, explain why you selected it, and answer any questions. 


  • Students who do not come to class prepared on the date of the presentation will receive an MST, one-on-one conference, and an after school presentation.

Concerns: Please inform me as soon as possible if this particular project (or parts of the project) may pose a legitimate challenge for you.

Due date: One week from today
Download 6.38 Kb.

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