World History 1 Finals Study Guide

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Guns, Germs, & Steel – Episode 2

  • Smallpox

    • Effects of the disease on natives, how the disease spread to the New World, major symptoms of the disease, impact on the conquering of native lands and peoples

  • Colombian Exchange

    • What was it? What major products came from the old world, what major products came from the new world

    • Conditions of triangular trade, what was the Middle Passage? What products were traded on each leg of the Journey?

    • Why was the exchange significant? (How did it impact/change the world?)

  • Reformation

    • What were the problems seen with the church? What are indulgences? Who is Martin Luther? What where Martin Luther’s main ideas?, Pope Leo X’s edict, Diet of Worms, Printing Press’s effect on the Reformation, What are the three main Protestant Churches and where are they located?

    • Major figures and important events of the spread of Protestant ideas in Switzerland and England, Major events of the Counter Reformation, Why did the Counter Reformation happen? What was the Council of Trent and what did it decide? Who were widely persecuted for being witches? Why?

    • Witch Hunts in Europe (Know different types of Witch Trial tests, examples of illogical reasoning, How the accused were treated, who was persecuting and who was being persecuted, mostly men or women, and how many died from the witch hunts)

  • Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment

    • Know how we “arrived” at the Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment

    • Know what sources people used to form beliefs BEFORE this time

    • Know major details about the life and philosophies, discoveries or new methods of the 15 scientists/thinkers we studied

    • Know Heliocentric and Geocentric theories (Know also who supported each theory)

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