World History 1 Finals Study Guide

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World History 1 Finals Study Guide

Below are listed the major topics of study we have covered Semester 1. Under each topic, you find listed more specifics about that topic. I will be drawings all questions for the final from these topics and subtopics. To prepare for the final, I highly recommend that you review your participation packets, past assignments related to these topics, review PowerPoint notes in your journal, and that you create a written study guide for yourself that includes the information for the topics and questions below. We will have 1 full day of in class review. I expect that you come prepared to these review sessions having already gone over the study guide. Remember that your final is worth 10% of your semester grade. It will take multiple hours to prepare for. Make sure you dedicate enough time to each of your finals preparations.

Topics to Study

    • Know different types of governments and the characteristics of each

  • Map Projections

    • Bias in maps (know different examples of bias in maps), maps vs globes (advantages and disadvantages of each), what are projections?

  • Early Humans

    • Where did early humans originate? Where did they migrate? Why did physical differences originate?

  • Jared Diamond

    • What is his theory on geographic luck, and guns, germs, and steel?

  • Agricultural revolution

    • Surplus (What is it and how does it impact the growth of a civilization?), Specialization - what is specialization and how does it impact a civilization?, Advancement of civilizations

  • Early Civilizations Ch. 1 section 3

    • What are the traits of early civilizations and how do they impact civilizations?

    • How do civilizations develop?

  • Geographic impacts on early civilizations

    • Impacts on location (size), food (what is available), trade (communication, movability), government (systems of government develop differently based on geographic features)

    • Think about how geography impacts these factors of civilizations. Why features would limit a civilization? Which features would benefit a civilization?

  • Origin Stories

  • 5 major world religions

    • What are they, specific beliefs of each, how many followers, holy book, monotheistic or polytheistic, ceremonies or customs of each religion, founder of each religion

  • Silk Road

    • Commodities traded on the Silk Road (what were significant commodities traded?), where the Silk Road went (different routes, land or water, etc.), Effects of the Silk Road on the world (both effects on Asia and Europe), Middlemen of the Silk Road (why were they significant?)

  • The Mongols

    • Brutality in conquests, great leaders, military tactics, Pax Mongolica, Religious tolerance, Increased status of Merchants and Artists, legacy of the Mongols

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