World Civ. Ch. 7 Study Guide Hebrews and Judaism

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World Civ. - Ch. 7 Study Guide Hebrews and Judaism

  1. Give an example of how present Jewish culture is strongly connected to its past.

  2. What does their belief in education mean for Jewish people today?

  3. Why were the Ten Commandments important to the Hebrews?

  4. What is the Talmud?

  5. What does the Passover celebrate?

  6. The scattering of the Jews outside of Canaan is was known as_________.

  7. What is a rabbi?

  8. Name as many groups as you can that at one point controlled or enslaved the Israelites.

  9. What finally convinced the Egyptian Pharaoh to free the Hebrew people?

  10. Which major world cultures, if any, were strongly influenced by Judaism?

  11. How did Judaism influence the development of Islam?

  12. Why did the Ashkenazim and Sephardim develop different rituals and cultures?

  13. After returning to Canaan, what did the Hebrews call themselves?

  14. What main event occurred before Abraham left Mesopotamia?

  15. What was the Exodus?

  16. Describe the lack of rights that Hebrew women possessed.

  17. The __________ were found by a young boy exploring a small cave near the Dead Sea.

  18. When _________ died, his younger brother took the throne.

  19. The _________ were a Jewish family that was tired of foreign rule.

  20. The Bible traces the Hebrews back to a man named ________________.

  1. The story of _______________ is told in the Bible as an example of how people should treat their family members.

  2. Another name for the Hebrew Bible is the ____________.

  3. A group of Zealots locked themselves in a mountain fortress called ________________.

Extended Response (must be written in complete sentences)

  1. What influence has the Exodus story had on other cultures? Give an example.

  1. Describe the level of rights possessed by women in the early Hebrew society. Is this the same or different from women in ancient Egypt? How?

  1. What 3 parts is the Hebrew Bible made up of? What is another name for the Hebrew Bible? Which part is most sacred to the Jewish people? Why?

  1. How are Jewish ideas reflected in our society?

  1. What caused the Jewish revolt against Rome? What were the 3 main results of the Jewish revolt against Rome?

  1. Why did local synagogues and rabbis become more important after the second revolt against the Romans?

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