Working with Sculpture Curriculum Lesson Plan Sculpting a Message: From the Counter-Reformation to the Present Day

Visual Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools

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Visual Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools
Grade 6

Creative Expression

2.5 Select specific media and processes to express moods, feelings, themes or ideas.
Historical and Cultural Context

3.1 Research and discuss the role of the visual arts in selected periods of history, using a variety of resources (both print and electronic).

Aesthetic Valuing

4.4 Change, edit, or revise their works of art after a critique, articulating reasons for their changes.

Connections, Relationships, Applications

5.4 Describe tactics employed in advertising to sway the viewer's thinking and provide examples.

Grade 7

Historical and Cultural Context

3.1 Research and describe how art reflects cultural values in various traditions throughout the world.
Grade 8

Historical and Cultural Context

3.1 Examine and describe or report on the role of a work of art created to make a social comment or protest social conditions.

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downloads -> Working with Sculpture Curriculum Background Information The Counter-Reformation

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