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The goal
The goal of UNICEF work in pursuit of gender equality and the equal rights of girls and boys is to contribute - through partnerships, advocacy and programmes of cooperation in the framework of its MTSP - to poverty reduction and the achievement of the MDGs through result-oriented, effective and well-coordinated action that achieves the protection, survival and development of girls and boys on an equal basis. We also undertake to ensure that our humanitarian action is carried out in a gender-responsive manner as part of our long-term commitment to the development of partner countries, based on our Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action.
The key result to advance this goal is that all UNICEF-assisted programmes are designed so that they contribute to gender equality in clearly defined ways, as measured by precise and evidence-based gender result statements and indicators. These are developed with Governments and other partners as an intrinsic element of the programme planning processes, incorporated into the MTSP Results Framework and linked with updated financial tracking mechanisms.
The pre-condition for the attainment of this goal is a vigorous management, intellectual and organizational culture that values, promotes and monitors consistent attention to every aspect of equality and non-discrimination as central to UNICEF’s identity and effectiveness.
This goal is achieved through implementation of all aspects of UNICEF’s MTSP and its foundation strategy on Gender Equality.

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